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Internet Society/ 20-05-2022

Read our new blog post on ISOC's 50/50 vision—an ambitious plan to keep at least half of all Internet traffic in emerging economies local by 2025.

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Leo Vegoda/ Euro-IX/ 09-11-2021

Read our new blog post on the upcoming improvements to the IXPDB, and then share your thoughts on future development priorities with our Product Manager, Leo Vegoda!

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Flavio Luciani & Maurizio Goretti/ Namex/  19-01-2021

The historical scope of Internet Exchange points (IXPs) is to provide a technical peering platform where network operators can share their Internet traffic,  meaning interconnecting their networks and exchanging their own traffic.

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2020 Posts

Internet Infrastructures

Following the joint panel webinar with AMS-IX where we discuss the flaws of the Internet and what the community can do to address these issues, Kevin Meynell of ISOC offers more insight into his views on a 'public option for the core' and Internet infrastructure.

4 Nov, 2020

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PeeringDB Satisfaction Survey

PeeringDB wants input from network operators, exchange operators, facility providers, content distributors and anyone who uses our interconnection database.

2 Nov, 2020

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An Insight into the MANRS Program

6 Oct, 2020

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