Fellowship Program Scope and Goals

This program is designed to support IXPs, who cannot afford all the expenses to attend a Euro-IX forum or to pay for membership. All Euro-IX forums will run a Fellowship Program, as long as there is sufficient funding available.


Resources needed to fulfill the goals will come from sponosrships to the Fellowship and will be managed by Euro-IX.

Request for participation in the program

Any IXP interested in applying for the fellowship should complete the Fellowship Program Funding Request Form and send it to the Euro-IX Secretariat at least 4 weeks before the forum.


Participating in the Fellowship Program

  • If you're an IXP wanting to engage with other IXPs and industry experts, but don't have the resources, apply for a Euro-IX Fellowship! 
  • The Fellowship gives two nights accomodation and attendance tickets for one Euro-IX forum in the year.
  • In addition, as a fellow you will receive one years remote membership, which gives you access to the mailing lists, working groups and the forum.
  • Any IXP who was the beneficiary of a fellowship program is expected to maintain its membership for at least one full calendar year following its fellowship grant.
  • Any IXP who was the beneficiary of a fellowship program may only apply again after a two-year interval.
  • Any Euro-IX member may apply for the fellowship only once for every calendar year.
  • Applicants may also apply for the Mentor-IX program at the same time. 
  • Applications from IXPs not in the Euro-IX region will need approval from the Euro-IX Board.

Call for donations

The secretariat will make the Donation Application available to members and to other organisations at least 2 months before each Euro-IX forum.


Funding List

The Euro-IX Secretariat, will maintain a Yearly Funding List stating detailed information about members who were granted a fellowship, the amount of the funds distributed to those members along with the reasons for selection of those members.


The Euro-IX secretariat will keep a record of all donations and fellowship applicants. 


Funding Rules

A sponsor, either Euro-IX member or other organisation, may choose to direct its donations towards specific members, either named specifically or categorised according to various criteria. Donations not mentioning specific directions will be directed to the common fellowship budget and will be used according to Euro-IX’s discretion.

Apply or Sponsor the Fellowship

For further infomation please contact secretariat@euro-ix.net.