The following description is an attempt to give prospective candidates a basic insight into the minimum level of contribution that is to be expected of them as a member of the Euro-IX Executive Board. 


Board Member Description & Expectations


1. Meeting Attendance

Physical board meetings

− 2 full day physical meetings somewhere in Europe

Online board meetings via conferencing software

− Once a month for approximately one hour

Euro-IX forums and General Meetings

− 2 x 3 full day meetings somewhere in Europe

2. Communication


− Board required decisions, general discussions, proposals, and meeting planning is relatively regular and reactions on most mails are required within a week.

Phone calls

− Between Board members or the Secretariat are not all that frequent and mobile phone numbers of board members are made known between each other.

3. Responsibility and Tasks


−  Presentation and signing of the Euro-IX Annual report
−  Contributing to, approving and presenting the Euro-IX Annual Budget
−  General responsibility to the Euro-IX membership and to the rest of the Board members.

Euro-IX Forums

−  Possibly chairing a forum workshop
−  Possibly presenting and participating in discussions during one or more workshops

Euro-IX documentation

− Participation in writing and or contributing to certain Euro-IX related documents, proposal or policies

Action Points from Board Meetings

− During board meeting Board members may be given or may volunteer for particular actions for and/or on behalf of Euro-IX. These action items may range from simple communications to the writing of extended documentation.

4. Representation:

At Euro-IX Forums and General Meetings

−  Board members will be expected to present and answer member questions during the General Meetings
−  Board members will also be expected to generally communicate with Euro-IX Member representatives during the Euro-IX Forums

At other meetings and in general

−  It is publicly known who is on the Euro-IX Board, thus one may be approached while present at other internet related meetings with questions in regards to Euro-IX.
−  Board members should also ‘spread the word’ of Euro-IX when given the right opportunity at internet related meetings and may even be asked on certain occasions to make a presentation on behalf of Euro-IX.


5. Other:


− A certain level of familiarisation with Euro-IX, in terms of a general knowledge of what is currently going at Euro-IX, familiarity with the Articles of Association & the Euro-IX Policy document and a reasonable knowledge of our current membership.

Setting an example

− Keeping all Euro-IX databases up to date with your IXP’s information

6. Board protocol:

NOTE: These are NOT meant to be hard rules, and there is no penalty just an expectation that every Board member treats them as 'best practice'.

Attending board meetings on scheduled dates

−  (assuming you indicated that you would be attending)
−  default should be that attendance is expected
−  if you cannot attend, then advance notice is expected

Inter-Board communications

−  where the subject line includes a request for an 'ack' or response, you are expected to respond within 5 working days
−  if no response is received to a request (within the stipulated time), then it is assumed that the non-responders go along with the consensus position
−  we should try to minimise the number of requests for a specific response within 5 working days
−  don't leave correspondence unanswered (in general)

Extended absence from communication/participation

− notify Board members if you expect to be unavailable due to holidays or other long term absence of longer than 5 working days

Attending forums

− (assuming you indicated that you would be attending)
− default should be that attendance is expected
− if you cannot attend, then advance notice is expected



Important notes:

  1. One cannot accurately measure the time and effort that a Board member must commit to this role this may vary from one board member to another and from one year to the next. However all candidates should understand that this role is more than merely nominal and that it does involve a certain level of commitment and responsibility that have been outlined in the description above.

    Euro-IX Board members do not receive any financial payment for their time or services to Euro-IX.

  2. In general Board members do not receive reimbursements for Euro-IX related travel costs, however in the event that a Board member’s IXP can or does not cover one’s travel costs to Euro-IX Board meetings or Euro-IX Forums, certain policies have been put in place to allow for such situations. Please refer to the Euro-IX Policy document for further details on this.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.