Large BGP Communities 

Version Tracking

Version 1.1
18 November 2019
- RS:1000:4-*
+ RS:1000:4
+ RS:1000:5
+ RS:1000:6
Version 1.0
20 April 2018


This Euro-IX Large BGP Community standard list does not try to force IXPs to use all filters or options described below, that is entirely up to the IXPs themselves. However, we do ask that when an IXP does provide a service to its peers in the form of Large BGP Communities we would appreciate it if this list was respected as this will make it much easier for us, the IXP community, but also for our peers to understand what information is trying to be conveyed. When you do not see any community for what you need, then please use the reserved IXP free ranges for speedy deployment, but it would also be wise to start discussing your new community in the EURO-IX mailing list, or at the EURO-IX forums so that we can assign more permanent number for all to use.
Currently the community ranges are divided into 2 distinct ranges:
  • 0-999 Operational Communities
  • 1000-1999 Informational Communities
The first 32b part of the community should ALWAYS contain the Route Server's AS number. For example ECIX's Route Servers would all use 9033:*:*
The priority is an integer which determines the evaluation order in the route server configuration. Where 0 is the highest priority. For example, a no export community (RS:0:PEERAS) has a priority of 0 and if a export community (RS:1:PEERAS) is also on there with prio of 1, then the no export community will need to be processed before the export community.
*:*:0 is seen as a wildcard unless stated otherwise. For example, 9033:0:0 means do not send my route to any peer, while 9033:0:4200000000 only means do not send this prefix to AS 4200000000.


Operational RS:0-999:* 
Range of communities to advertise to route server to take some kind of action with the announced prefixes to peers. (e.g. suppress prefixes to a particular peer in some way.)


Direct filtering RS:0-99:* 

 Range  Description  Notes  Strip on export   Priority
RS:0:PEERAS   Do not advertise to PEERAS  -  recommended  0 
RS:1:PEERAS   Advertise to PEERAS  Only useful in combination with RS:0:0   recommended  1
RS:2:ms  Do not announce to peers higher than ms   ms = Latency of peer in ms  recommended  2


AS Path prepending RS:100-199:*

 Range  Description  Notes   Strip on export   Priority 
RS:101:PEERAS   Prepend to PEERAS once  -  yes  3
RS:102:PEERAS  Prepend to PEERAS twice  -  yes  3
RS:103:PEERAS  Prepend to PEERAS three times  -  yes  3
RS:111:ms  Prepend once to peers higher than ms  -  yes  3
RS:112:ms  Prepend twice to peers higher than ms  -  yes  3
RS:113:ms  Prepend three times to peers higher than ms   -  yes  3


Unassigned RS:200-899:* 

IXP Specific RS:900-999:*

Free to use action communities


Informational RS:1000-1999:*

Range of communities which can be set by the Route Server to give additional information to the advertised prefix (e.g. what the Route Server thinks the RPKI status is of this prefix is)


Informational tags RS:1000-1099:* 

 Range  Description  Notes  Strip on   import
RS:1000:1  RPKI VALID  Prefix is RPKI VALID  yes
RS:1000:2  RPKI UNKNOWN  Prefix is RPKI UNKNOWN  yes
RS:1000:3  RPKI NOT CHECKED  Prefix was not RPKI checked  yes
RS:1000:4  RPKI INVALID No reason specified  Prefix is RPKI invalid, but no reason was given  yes
RS:1000:5  RPKI INVALID Origin AS is invalid  Prefix is RPKI invalid because the origin AS is invalid  yes
RS:1000:6  RPKI INVALID Max-length is invalid  Prefix is RPKI invalid because the Max-length is invalid  yes
RS:1001:1  IRRDB VALID  Prefix exists in IRRDB  yes
RS:1001:2  IRRDB NOT CHECKED  Prefix was not checked in IRRDB  yes
RS:1001:3  MORE SPECIFIC THAN IRRDB  Prefix does not exist in IRRDB, but a less  specific does valid entry exists  yes
RS:1001:4  IRRDB Prefix not found in AS-SET or aut-num  Prefix was not found in the peer's as-set  yes
RS:1001:5  IRRDB INVALID ORIGIN AS  Origin AS not in peer AS-SET  yes
RS:1001:6  IRRDB INVALID PREFIX FOR ORIGIN AS  Prefix not found in origin AS  yes
RS:1002:1-*  TRACER (RS #)  IXP assigned ID for route server instance  no
RS:1003:ms  measured RTT for advertising peer  IXP measured round trip time for peer in ms  yes
RS:1004:$peerAS  Incoming Peer AS  Use Autonomous System Number of the   incoming member for that route  yes
RS:1005:1  AS Object, Route Object and   Organization NOT from the same region.  Meant as a transitioning mechanism until full RPKI deployment  yes
RS:1005:2  AS Object, Route Object and Organization from   within the same region.  Meant as a transitioning mechanism until full RPKI deployment (match)  yes
RS:1005:3  AS Object, Route Object and Organization from   within the same region Not checked  Meant as a transitioning mechanism until full RPKI deployment (match)  yes

Filtered reasons RS:1100-1199:* 

Prefixes which have these communities are not expected to be advertised to anyone by the route server, the route server has filtered them. It may still be useful to tag a route which is filtered so that you can see why a route was filtered. for example in BIRD you can still show the filtered routes with show route filtered all.

Route was filtered on import RS:1101:* 

 Range  Description  Notes
RS:1101:1  Prefix length too long  -
RS:1101:2  Prefix length too short  -
RS:1101:3  Bogon Prefix  -
RS:1101:4  Bogon AS  -
RS:1101:5  AS path too long  -
RS:1101:6  AS path too short  -
RS:1101:7  as-path.first != peeras  -
RS:1101:8  next hop IP != peer IP  -
RS:1101:9  IRRDB Prefix not found in AS-SET or aut-num   Prefix was not found in the peer's as-set 
RS:1101:10  Origin AS not in peer AS-SET  -
RS:1101:11  Prefix not found in origin AS  -
RS:1101:12  Prefix is RPKI UNKNOWN  -
RS:1101:13  Prefix is RPKI INVALID  -
RS:1101:14  transit-free ASN in AS-Path  -
RS:1101:15  Too many BGP communities set on prefix  -

Route was filtered on export RS:1102:* 

 Range  Description  Notes
RS:1102:1  Advertising peer declines prefix  Advertising peer does not want you to receive prefix
RS:1102:2  You declined prefix from advertising peer  You do not want to receive prefix from advertising peer 
RS:1102:3  maximum number of BGP communities exceeded   -


Unassigned RS:1200-1899:* 

IXP Specific RS:1900-1999:*

Free to use informational communities