Become a Patron

We clearly see the value and benefits of having industry related experts joining the association!

Patronage Benefits

The Euro-IX Patronage Proposal gives organisations the opportunity to:
  • Be actively involved in the IXP Community
  • Establish strong contacts
  • Attain real leads
  • Naturally increase sales 

Benefits of Joining

  • Increased presence in the IXP community via interaction at biannual Euro-IX Forums where more than 50 IXPs from all around the world are represented
  • Interact with over 70 IXPs via the mailing lists
  • Better understanding of the IXPs current and future needs
  • Involvment in IXP technical discussions (i.e. how the issues of rapid traffic growth can be overcome)
  • Indirect contacts with IXPs' customers (over 3,000 connected parties, mainly ISPs and some of the largest networks in the world)
  • Marketing tool when selling to other markets
For more information, read  Becoming a Patron .
Here’s a list of our current Patrons

Patronage Proposal

Access to Euro-IX Forums & Euro-IX Workshops

  • 2 forums per year (held in a different location each time)
  • Free access for 2 representatives (and possibility of an additional 2 at a registration fee of €400/ extra attendee)
  • Opportunity to participate in all forum discussions and possible scope for a 'vendor' panel discussion on a specific topic
  • Permission to access and download all forum presentations
  • Access to all Euro-IX workshop where Patrons will have exposure via banners and marketing material

Access to Euro-IX Website 

  • Personnal user accounts to access restricted areas of the website
  • Listing of the organisation as Patron: individual and editable profile page with direct link to the organisation website and other details on key features and products 

Use of Euro-IX Logo

  • For display on website and marketing material
  • Use of words to the effect that they are financially assisting and working in partnership with Euro-IX and its member IXPs

Mailing Lists

  • Possibility to subscribe individual e-mail addresses to any of Euro-IX Mailing Lists where member IXPs are represented

NDA, Sensitivity and Confidentiality Issues

  • The amount of openness at forums is important to Euro-IX and whilst we don't want to have this jeopardised, we also want the Patrons to have the assurance that they too can be open in front of all the forum attendees. Therefore Patrons will be asked to sign an NDA as part of the Patronage agreement.
  • The NDA covers all information that is communicated in mailing lists, during forums, on the restricted web pages and in any other Euro-IX resources.

Patronage Fee

  • Amount: €10,000 (plus VAT where applicable) per annum
  • An invoice is sent for the entire amount at the start of each calendar year
  • A Patron joining mid year is requested to pay 50% of the annual patronage fee. The full patronage fee will be due at the next renewal.
  • The General Meeting (GM) approves the Patronage fee before the 31st of October of each year. The GM may vote to raise or lower the Patronage fee.
  • Prospective Patrons have to follow an application process in order to join Euro-IX.

Ending of Patronage at Euro-IX 

  • Cancellation: Euro-IX must receive a communication from the Patron before the 31st of October that states that they want to cancel their Patronage as of the 31st of December of that same year. Otherwise the Patron will be invoiced for the full 12 months of the following calendar year.
  • Euro-IX Board may terminate a Patron's membership if it feels that it has in anyway acted outside the terms and conditions that have been agreed upon or it is felt that the Patron is causing some harm to the Euro-IX community.
  • No refunds will be given for any Patronage fees already received.

Patronage Application

Apply here Articles of association