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Presentation Submission to FPC for Approval

The intent of the presentations at the Euro-IX Forums are to keep presentations non-commercial, as well as no product or marketing presentations are allowed. The presentations should focus on technology presentations, user experience, study/research results, or proposals for common practices amongst the IXPs. For example, if you want to describe a technology or solution, you should focus on the underlying technology and how it fits into the IXP space, as well as provide an overall picture of the proposal together with a motivation.

The Euro-IX Forum Programme Committee (FPC) will accept/reject or ask for more clarifications before the presentations are approved for next Euro-IX Forum. The presentations for the main agenda should be 20-30 minutes, while a lightning talk (LT) presentation should be 5-10 minutes.


General rules

Proposals for the general session presentations, panels, workshops and tutorials must be submitted for FPC to review no later than 6 weeks before the forum, using the FPC 'Proposals' tab on the fora event page. Proposals submitted after the due date will be considered by the FPC on a “first come first served” basis, hence it is of big importance to submit your proposal in time to make sure they are approved for the next forum.

If you have any questions or requests concerning content submissions, please email the FPC.


Presentation tips

Here are some presentation guidelines to help you to prepare for easy to read and easy to understand information on your slides: