Submissions to the FPC 

  • Presentations at the Euro-IX Forums are non-commercial, with no product or marketing presentations
  • Allresentations should focus on the technology, user experience, research, current commercial issues or proposals for operational practices in the IXP community
  • The Euro-IX Forum Programme Committee (FPC) may accept/reject or ask for more clarifications before the presentations are approved for the next Euro-IX Forum
  • The presentations for the main plenary should be 20-30 minutes, while a lightning talk (LT) presentation should be 5-10 minutes

General rules

  • Proposals for the plenary session, panels, workshops and tutorials should be submitted early to ensure a slot on the agenda
  • The final deadline for initial submissions will usually be around a month prior to the meeting, this may vary and close early if the agenda is full
  • Proposals submitted after the deadline may be considered by the FPC. Late submissions may be offered a slot at the following forum
  • Presenters should indicate how much time they will require
  • Proposals for talks will only be considered if they contain draft presentation slides with an abstract
  • For panels the proposals must contain a topic and discussion theme, with the panelists, presenters and moderators
  • It is expected that all presenters will be physically present at the Euro-IX Forum meeting
  • Lightning Talks must be submitted for review using the 'Proposals'  tab on the event pages. A call for submissions will be made during the Forum
If you have any questions around proposed submissions, please email the FPC or submit a proposal and the FPC will work with you.


Presentation Guidelines

Here are some presentation guidelines to help you to prepare for easy to read and easy to understand information on your slides:
  • Limit the number of slides to avoid information overload
  • Number your slides
  • Use less text and a larger font size as your slides need to be readable from the back of a large room
  • No smaller than 18-point font
  • Use contrasting colours. Black and white work best
  • Diagrams are very useful to explain technology
  • Charts showing data support your point
  • Animations are great to illustrate actions/events
  • If you are wondering how your presentation will display, upload your slides in .pdf format
  • Presenters are encouraged to test their presentation before they present
  • It’s a bit embarrassing for slides to say, “Company Confidential”
  • Please keep logos to the first and last slides only