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Are you interested in hosting a Euro-IX Forum?

We aim to give potential hosts and sponsors a clear idea on what is expected if they are interested in hosting or sponsoring a Euro-IX Forum.

The questions in various sections present a way for Euro-IX to understand and help all parties concerned during the initial phases with regards to either hosting or sponsoring a Euro-IX forum.


For the Hosts:

Hotel and Forum Venue

The hotel should be around one hour from an international airport. We have now 73 affiliated Internet Exchanges from over 50 different countries, and therefore we need to make the travel to the forum as easy as possible for the majority of our attendees.

Euro-IX encourages the host to find a locally subsidised venue such as a university, chamber of commerce office, etc. to reduce costs and to avoid restrictions that may be put in place by hotels.

In your proposal, please provide:

Accommodation booking:

NB: guideline based on prior bookings, actual numbers will vary.

Accommodation group rate:

• Maximum €140/ room/night for single occupancy (including VAT, breakfast and wifi connection)

NB. Euro-IX will handle all costs related to the hotel room bookings.

Meeting Facilities

Working microphone system:

2 display screens (1 for the audience; 1 for the presenter (Monitor)

In your proposal, please state:

NB. If the meeting facilities costs exceed 18,000 EUR for both days combined, the extra costs will be covered by the host. Euro-IX sets aside 18,000 EUR for both days of the forum to cover:

Network Conncetivity

In your proposal, please give:



In your proposal, please provide:

NB. Euro-IX has a budget of 15,000 EUR for both social events. All extra costs related to the social events will be covered by the host.

Local Support

In your proposal, please confirm:

NB. In total Euro-IX has a budget of 35,000 Euros for the Euro-IX forums.


For Sponsors:

Non-Patron sponsoring of a Euro-IX Forum

Sponsorship Benefits:

Extended Patron Sponsorship

In some cases the Member Host IXP may still need to find local sponsors to help cover some costs. For this purpose, hosts can be allowed to have some of the forum costs covered by local Patrons. However, this fact must be made clear in the Host’s proposal to host the forum.

NB. Finding a local sponsor is the responsibility of the forum host and Euro-IX will not be involved in the process.

Sponsorship Questionnaire

As the Euro-IX member IXP’s continue to grow and develop, there is a need for Euro-IX to keep a close relationship with industry related vendors so that our member’s needs are best fulfilled now and in the future. Therefore a Euro-IX IXP Member may contact Patrons to help provide some support during a Euro-IX forum. This again can be in the form of the venue, lunches, the network or a social.

Please take the time to review the Euro-IX sponsorship proposals and the questions posed below, and send your responses to the Secretariat.

  1. What do you see as the main benefits and/or motives in supporting Euro-IX and its community?

  2. Do you seek a close relationship with all IXPs in Europe or are you focusing on one or a few

    specific IXPs?

  3. Is Euro-IX a vehicle for you to achieve this goal?

  4. Do you feel that your technical researchers and developers have much to gain by better knowing and understanding the IXPs on a more personal basis?

  5. What would you expect to receive from Euro-IX in return for your financial support?
  6.  Would you be more inclined to send technical or sales representatives to Euro-IX Forums?

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or would like to discuss hosting a Euro-IX forum, please feel free to make contact with us and we will be more than willing to talk with you.