Other Resources

Regional Internet Exchange Point Associations  (IXPAs)

  • AFIX - The African Internet Internet Exchange Point Association
  • APIX - The Asia Pacific Internet Exchange Point Association
  • LAC-IX - The Latin American & Carribean Internet Exchange Point Association

Regional Internet Registries (RIRs):

  • AFRINIC - African Network Information Centre.
  • APNIC - Asia Pacific Network Information Centre. Internet resource distribution in the Asia/Pacific region
  • ARIN - American Registry for Internet Numbers. Administration and registration of Internet Protocol (IP) numbers for the Americas.
  • LACNIC - The Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry. An the organization that administrates IP addresses space, Autonomous System Numbers (ASN), reverse resolution and other resources of the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC), on behalf of the Internet community 
  • RIPE - Reseaux IP Europeens. Performs activities primarily for the benefit of the membership in Europe and the surrounding areas (including the Middle-East and parts of Africa).


  • IXP Manager - IXP Manager is an IXP Management tool developed by INEX 
  • PeeringDB - PeeringDB is the defacto tool used by the IP community to keep their records up to date. 
  • Peering Forum EU - Wanting to meet and set up peering at various exchanges, this is the place to be.
  • Events Calendar - Which meetings should you be attending, check here for a full comprehensive list.