Euro-IX Community Projects

Building and shaping the Internet, together.

The Euro-IX Community Projects is a way for Euro-IX Members, Patrons and Community Members to submit project ideas that they would like Euro-IX to undertake or support. These ideas should be for the 'good of the Internet' and can cover anything that may be considered as beneficial for the Community. 

Project Phases

Project Plan
  • Project idea is submitted by Community Member
  • Goes through approval process – via the Euro-IX Board
  • Feedback given
  • Project approved – Yes / No
  • If no, refine plan or dump
  • If yes, move to next stage
  • Final plan submitted with initial costs
  • Budget agreed with all parties 
  • Source funding by proposer with support from Euro-IX
  • Additional funding to be sourced if needed
  • Once finances are in place move to next stage, Deliver
  • Identify project phases – ensure each phase is completed
  • Recruit resources – Volunteers / Developers / Project manager / Website design
  • Confirm timescales – breakdown project timeline/ deliver to expectations
  • Start delivery and move to next stage, Improve
  • Complete project
  • Test and collect feedback
  • Incorporate feedback
  • Further tests
  • Maintain and improve



To submit a project, please send an email to the secretariat, answering the following questions:

  • Name of Applicant
  • Name of Organisation  
  • What is your role in the project
  • What is the key outcome of the project
  • Please provide a brief description of the project 
  • How will the project benefit from Euro-IX support
  • Who are the beneficiaries of the project and what value does it bring to them
  • Estimation of the resources to implement the project, include financial, time and human resources
  • Outputs/ deliverables/ impact expected
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