Euro-IX Working Groups

These working groups provide a platform for focused discussions, knowledge sharing, and problem-solving. By actively participating in the working groups, Euro-IX Members can contribute their expertise, share insights, and collectively address industry challenges. 

The working groups were formally put together during 2023, they follow the standard Euro-IX Working Group Charter to form the goals and objectives of the working group. 



Route Server Working Group

Chairs: Irene Lalioti (LU-CIX) and Stavros Konstantaras (AMS-IX)

The Route Server working group facilitates the exchange of best practices, standards, and advancements in route server technologies, leading to improved peering experiences. 

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Regulatory Working Group

Chairs: Inno Genna (NAMEX), Jaromir Novak (NIX.CZ) and Fredrik Lineberg (Netnod)

The Regulatory working group keeps members informed about evolving policies and regulations, enabling them to navigate legal frameworks effectively.

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RFC8950 Working Group

Chairs: Aleksi Suhonen (TREX) and Andre Gruneberg (BCIX)

Tthe RFC8950 working group focuses on developing standards for IXP route server operations. 

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Quality of Service on a Distributed Peering LAN Working Group

Chairs: Flavio Luciani (NAMEX) and Mauricio Oviedo (LAC-IX)

The QoS on distributed peering LANs working group focuses researching quality of service for distributed peering, making the details of the research available to the membership, allows everyone to be able to make informed choices about their networks.