Euro-IX Activities

Community driven, Membership focused

Euro-IX Activities

Snapshot of Euro-IX Activities
As an Association, there are many activities that we provide with the help of our Members, Patrons and the Internet community. 
Take a look at the video to get a snapshot of what we do, and you can click through the page below for more information.

Euro-IX Fora
  • 2 Fora per year 
  • Held each time in a different location in Europe.
  • Open to Members, Patrons and invited Guests only.
  • Combination of Presentations (technical, commercial, regulatory topics), panel discussions and social events.

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Workshops and Hackathons
  • Working together in a neutral place to talk about and find solutions to common challenges.
  • Open to Members, Patrons and invited Guests only.
  • 2 or more held per year.

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  • Building of Annual IXP report
  • Traffic Statistics, see what the traffic is doing around the world.
  • Benchmarking Reports, available for Members that take part.

To view the Euro-IX reports, see here.

Peering Toolbox

The Peering Toolbox is a community led project initiated to provide support and best practice information for new entrants into the interconnection community.

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Mentor-IX Program
  • For IXPs in need
  • Involvement of established IXPs.
  • Information, personal training, staff exchange, technical, commercial & regulatory support.

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Fellowship Program
  • For IXPs needing support to attend Euro-IX fora.
  • For more information and how to apply, see here.

  • Subscribe and view our monthly newsletter for members here.
  • If you have something interesting to share with the IXP community, contact us

IXP Database
  • Comprehensive, public source of data related to IXPs.
  • Collects data directly from IXPs through a recurring automated process.
  • Integrates data from third-party sources. 
  • Provides view of the global interconnection landscape. Access it here

Mailing Lists
  • Maintenance of mailing lists for discussions on technical, regulatory, security issues.
  • The mailing lists are for Members & Patrons only.

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Working Groups
  • Route Server WG
  • IXP Values WG
  • Blackhole WG
  • Regulatory WG


Annual Report
  • The annual reports have been compiled by Euro-IX to give a better picture of the current situation of the Association.
  • Access previous reports here.

Euro-IX Community Projects
  • Do you have a project that you would like Euro-IX to produce?
  • Will it benefit the Internet community?
  • Is it for the good of the Internet?

Find out more about Euro-IX's Community Projects


Euro-IX Benchmarking Club (BMC)
  • IXPs exchange data about their business; compare their performances and policies.
  • Questions and final reports are reviewed each year by the BMC Committee.
  • Reports are only accessible for the Member IXPs that have taken part in the survey.

Euro-IX Film
  • In collaboration with some of our Members, we have created a video about IXPs for friends and family.
  • The original Euro-IX film gives an explanation of what an IXP is. The film has been translated into 12 languages. Find out more here.
  • If you are intrested in translating the film into your own language, please email us.

Calendar of Events
  • Lists members events and Euro-IX events through the calendar year here.
  • Want to add your event? Contact us!
  • Take a look at what's going on with our virtual events.