20 Years of IXP Cooperation

This virtual forum, we are celebrating Euro-IX's 20th


We are celebrating 20 years of IXP cooperation;
20 years of community efforts

20 years of IXP development
20 years of sharing and promoting best practices
for IXPs
20 years of growth and collaboration




Tuesday, 29 June 2021 - 12:00-14:30 UTC/ 14:00-16:30 CEST


12:00 UTC




SPEAKER: Flavio Luciani (NAMEX)

12:05 UTC



MODERATOR: Eileen Gallagher (INEX)
PANELISTS: Christian Kaufman (AKAMAI)Michael Rabinowitz (INTERXION), Thomas King (DE-CIX), Mark Daley (EPSILON)

As the peering industry and IXPs move into the grown-up years, what does the future hold? 

In this panel discussion we will look at the various external forces that will impact how the industry might evolve and some insight to areas where IXPs can create internal momentum to maximise new opportunities and deliver more for their members and customers.

With external forces such as regulation to data centre strategy to automation and cost efficiency drives in large members, where will IXPs source their revenue to keep the network and the organisation operating in the future?

As often dominant inter-connect points in local and national internet ecosystems, is being the enterprise / cloud services interconnect points a natural progression and source of reliable revenue for IXPs going forward?

We will also look at the original core value of IXPs, reduced latency, and in light of the increase in remote peering and interconnected IXPs, are we as an industry still true to this and if not, what is the core value?
Finally and central to Euro-IX, what power does community bring as the industry further matures?

13:20 UTC


13:30 UTC



SPEAKER: Barry O'Donovan (INEX)


13:45 UTC


SPEAKER: Nicolas Debeffe (LU-CIX)

Nicolas will provide a short update and reminder for IXPs to get involved with the PISAX Project
The objective of the PISAX Project is to create a common pan-European Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) to support Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) and General Packet Radio Service Roaming eXchange (GRXs ) at the national, European and international level.




SPEAKER: Bijal Sanghani (EURO-IX)

14:10 UTC



SPEAKER: Bijal Sanghani (EURO-IX)



Managing Director 

Bijal is the Managing Director at Euro-IX, a RIPE NCC Services Working Group Co-chair since 2005 and was elected on to the PeeringDB Board in 2017, where she currently serves as a Director.

Vice President Technology

Christian is the Vice President Technology at Akamai and Board Member, the Chair of the RIPE NCC Executive Board and the President of FranceIX, the leading IX in France.

Chief Information Security Officer

Nicolas has more than 20 years of experience in the Information Security area. Working since August 2018 for LU-CIX, the Luxembourg Internet eXchange Point, he is currently in charge of implementing the company’s Information Security Program and dealing with Information Security matters.

Director, Digital Strategy and Business Development

Mark Daley plays a leading role in identifying and developing Epsilon’s cutting edge cloud and communication strategies, with a focus on market and customer needs.

A veteran telecommunications professional, Mark served 14 years with Telstra and other high profile telecommunication companies such as NTT and eircom. Mark held leading Products and Marketing roles in Telstra’s move into the European market in the mid-1990s and wrote NTT’s European ICT strategy in the mid-2000s which they continue to deliver today. He was also responsible for winning NTT’s first ever World Communications Award.

Mark has also held executive Marketing & Product Director positions at Capgemini UK and spent 8 innovative years in the Mobile Roaming world including at WSI’s first US Roaming Hub and launching Syniverse’s first hosted intelligent network services portfolio. Recently, Mark spent 4 years at NetDev that had developed the next generation of web-based OTT voice, video and WebRTC service functions, as well as developing the leading innovative Audio Conferencing platform at BT, which now includes Spatial Audio.

Network Superhero

Barry is part of the management and operations team at INEX, the peering point for the island of Ireland. Barry first began providing a couple days operational support to INEX in 2008 but little did he realise what a huge part of his life INEX would become – both here in Ireland and also as part of the larger European and international IXP community. 

Barry is the lead developer of IXP Manager (www.ixpmanager.org) – the most trusted IXP platform worldwide, free and open source software, supporting over 160 IXPs worldwide.

Director - Connectivity

Michael is Director of Connectivity at Interxion. Michael is responsible for defining the strategy and business development in the Connectivity segment, including a specific focus on Internet Exchanges. Michael has been with Interxion for 4 years, and previously spent 18 years at Cisco Systems.

Chief Executive Officer

Eileen is the CEO of INEX, leading the team that develops and manages the peering point for the island of Ireland. She has been in the leadership team of INEX for the past 15 years, taking INEX from a local IXP to an internationally respected exchange with a wide and growing membership. Eileen has also been involved in the development and promotion of IXP Manager, the IXP management platform developed and owned by INEX, which is now in use at over 160 internet exchanges worldwide.

A highly effective and experienced communicator and networker, she has invested in and enjoys an excellent reputation in the peering and internet industry in Ireland and around the world. Instrumental in creating and developing the reputation and community of INEX internationally, she has a keen understanding of the dynamics of business and people which enables her to bring disparate groups and individuals together to achieve common goals.

She was elected to the Euro-IX board by the European IXP community in November 2018, re-elected in 2020 and currently serves as vice-chair of the organisation.


Eileen is very passionate about the positive impact of a well-functioning, respectful and diverse community on the development and success of the peering and internet networking community.

Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Thomas King is in the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) industry for more than ten years. As Chief Technology Officer at DE-CIX, he and his team are responsible for building and operating the Interconnection Platform worldwide, designing and introducing new Interconnection products, and keeping customers happy with swift service provisioning executed by a 24/ Customer Service. DE-CIX is operating 28 IXPs on three continents. The world-leading IXP located in Frankfurt, Germany, connects more than 1000 networks and generates peak traffic of more than 10Tbps. The latest product developments include introducing a fully automated Cloud Exchange at DE-CIX, which offers dedicated connections to Cloud Service Providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.


The forum giveways are sponsored by the PISAX


There will be one surprise goody for the first 100 people who

attend the forum and reside in Europe!

Look out for the update
on the PISAX Project during
the "IXP Updates" section.



(Attendee registration information is manually updated daily)


# First Name Last Name Company
1 David Murray Arista Networks
3 Liviu Radulescu ACOnet
4 Caglar Dabanoglu Akamai
5 Chriatian Kaufmann Akamai Technologies
6 petra wensing AMS-IX
7 Steven Bakker AMS-IX
8 Ruben van den Brink AMS-IX
9 Peter van Burgel AMS-IX
10 Stavros Konstantaras AMS-IX
11 Franck Olivier Kouame ARTCI
12 Kay Rechthien BCIX
13 Fadi Khoneisser BEIRUT-IX
14 Stefan Gulinck BNIX
15 Frederic Libotte BNIX
16 Bo Cao Bytedance
17 Caterina Parals CATNIX
18 John Shade CERN
19 Edoardo Martelli CERN
20 Armand Koffi CIVIX (Côte d'Ivoire Internet Exchange Point)
21 Nicaise Yapoga CIVIX (Côte d'Ivoire Internet Exchange Point)
22 Simon Booth Continent 8
23 Edward O'Connor Continent 8 Technologies
24 Bruce Craig Continent8
25 Maria Isabel Gandia CSUC/CATNIX
26 Arnold Nipper DE-CIX
27 Yordano Morel Dominican Cable Group (DCG)
28 Serge Radovcic Dstream Group
29 Mark Daley Epsilon Telecommunications
30 Nick Portch Equinix
31 Michał Małyszko Equinix
32 Thomas Gould Equinix
33 Ignas Bagdonas Equinix
34 Martin Atkinson Equinix
35 John Souter Eurasia Peering
36 Leo Vegoda Euro-IX
37 Bijal Sanghani Euro-IX
38 Rebecca Class-Peter Euro-IX
39 Mikael Holmberg Extreme Networks
40 Vladislav Bidikov FCSE / IXP.mk
41 Michalis Oikonomakos GR-IX
42 Ben Hedges Hurricane Electric
43 Nick Hilliard INEX
44 Roisin King INEX
45 Barry O'Donovan INEX
46 Angela Stanescu InterLAN Internet Exchange
47 Carmen Denis Internet Exchange Service Yucatan
48 Israel Rosas Internet Society
49 Michael Rabinowitz Interxion
50 Nico Tshintu Bakajika ISPA-DRC
51 Takejiro Takabayashi Japan Internet Exchange
52 Katsuyasu Toyama JPNAP
53 Kurt Kayser Kurt Kayser Konsultation
54 Nurani Nimpuno LINX
55 Jennifer Holmes LINX
56 Mike Hellers LINX
57 Ian Chilton LONAP
58 Martin Levy LONAP
59 Robert Lister LONAP Ltd
60 Holly Ruff London Internet Exchange (LINX)
61 Kurt Erik Lindqvist London Internet Exchange Ltd
62 Claude Demuth LU-CIX
63 Mickael Do Couto LU-CIX Management G.I.E.
64 Michel Lanners LU-CIX Management G.I.E.
65 Stefan Wahl Megaport Deutschland GmbH
66 Cristiano Zanforlin MIX S.r.l.
67 Simone Morandini MIX-IT
68 Valeria Rossi Mix-it
69 Mikhail Grishin MSK-IX
70 Aleksandr Ilin MSK-IX
71 Flavio Luciani Namex
72 Marta Burocchi Namex
73 Maurizio Goretti Namex Roma IXP
74 Michele McCann NAPAfrica & Teraco
75 Yolandi Robinson NAPAfrica & Teraco
76 Mark Brand NAPAfrica IX
77 Abhishek Gautam National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI)
78 Anil Jain National Internet Exchange of India NIXI
79 Gustavo Morales NIC CR
80 David Esquivel NIC CR
81 Milton Kashiwakura NIC.br / IX.br
82 Ondrej Filip NIX.CZ
83 Greg Hankins Nokia
84 Muhammad Fahad Ooredoo
85 Konrad Plich Orange Polska
86 Volker Lempert Ribbon
87 Esteban Tocalini Shark network
88 Mario Klobucar Srce (CIX)
89 Luca Cicchelli TOP-IX
90 Leonardo Camiciotti TOP-IX Consortium
91 Marc Bruyere TouIX
92 Kyle Spencer UIXP
93 Harald Michl VIX
94 Ha Nguyen VNNIC