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Welcome to Euro-IX

The European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX), was formed in May 2001 with the intention to develop, strengthen and improve the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) community. A number of IXPs recognised a need to combine their resources in order to coordinate technical standards, develop common procedures, share and publish statistics and other useful information. This would in turn give all interested parties a better insight into the world of IXPs.

What is an IXP?

The Internet eXchange Federation has defined an IXP as;

A network facility that enables the interconnection of more than two independent Autonomous Systems, primarily for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of Internet traffic.

An IXP provides interconnection only for Autonomous Systems.

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Support IXPs

What is an IXP in need? Any planned or already establish IXP that has very limited or no funding, or technical/operational support.  It may not always come down to an issue of money, it could very well be the case that the IXP is in search of technical information or hands on experience at another IXP, look no further, we're here to help! Have a look at our Support Programs and get involved!


The Internet eXchange Point Database is an authoritative, comprehensive, public source of data related to IXPs.  To find out more or to get involved see here.

Euro-IX GitHub Page

The community is working on a number of projects that would be of interest to IXPs and networks, including Standarding Large BGP Communitties at IXPs and realistic benchmarks for GoBGP and BIRD route servers. Take a look at our GitHub page and get involved!


The Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) can help IXPs build safe neighborhoods, leveraging the MANRS security baseline. It also demonstrates an IXP’s commitment to security and sustainability of the Internet ecosystem, and dedication to providing high quality services.

Find out more and how you can join here.

Member News

Read the latest Member news, find out what is going on at their eXchanges, follow their Twitter feeds and more on the Member News page here.

The Euro-IX Video

The Internet revealed - a five minute movie about IXPs is now available in twelve languages! Want to translate to a language? Get in touch!