Panel Discussions

"Focus on what matters"

Panel series addressing important topics from a global perspective,
with invited guests from all areas of the Internet industry. Focusing on knowledge sharing for the good of the Internet.

Panel 3 - Pandemic vs IXPs

23 February, 15:00 UTC
Moderated by: Nurani Nimpuno - LINX

Discussing the effects of the pandemic on data at IXPs and exploring:

  • Traffic
  • Regulation
  • Essential infrastructure
  • Challenges

Panel 2: Internet + Infra = = Revolution

20 October, 12:00 CEST
Moderated by: Marc Bruyere -  Internet Initiative Japan/ TouSIX 

  • Exploring Internet infrastructure 
  • Looking at building from the bottom-up
  • Looking at 'A public option for the core'

Panel 1 - Is the Internet Broken?

12 August, 12:00 CEST
Moderated by: Henk Steenman - AMS-IX

Discussing the flaws of the Internet and exploring:

  • Routing 
  • Security
  • Privacy,
  • The problem of address space
  • The latest developments towards a better Internet