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GAIA-X Workshop

Led by Alina Rubina
13 October - 13:00 UTC/ 15:00 CEST

GAIA-X is a European initiative that aims at implementing a trusted, sovereign, and interconnected data infrastructure for Europe. More than 350 companies and organizations from Europe and around the globe have joined forces to develop an open, transparent, and secure digital ecosystem for data, cloud services and infrastructure.This talk will provide insights into the added value of GAIA-X and the role of Internet Service Providers and Internet Exchange Points in the GAIA-X infrastructure ecosystem.


FastNetMon Community 

Led by Pavel Odintsov
29 September - 13:00 UTC/ 15:00 CEST

IXPs are in a very unique position to help their customers dealing with DDoS attacks, as they have required expertise and are well established links with the network community. In this presentation Pavel will talk about the open source DDoS detection product called FastNetMon Community. In addition to DDoS detection FastNetMon can be used as a very flexible network automation or traffic visibility platform. The most common scenario for FastNetMon Community is RTBH (blackhole) automation or BGP traffic diversion. 
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Tools of the Trade

Led by Susan Forney
8 September - 13:00 UTC/ 15:00 CET

Tools of the Trade is an introduction to free resources that can help you peer with other networks more effectively. Whether you are just getting started at an Internet Exchange or you have experience, this webinar can help you get the most out of resources like the IXPDBBGP.HE.net, and PeeringDB.com. Find out how to peer with the networks that will help you the most and how to use these and other tools to secure your sessions.


ARouteServer Tutorial

Led by Pier Carlo Chiodi
29 July - 10:00 UTC/ 12:00 CET

A tutorial on how to quickly setup and configure ARouteServer to build configuration files for MANRS compliant IXP route-servers (BIRD and OpenBGPD). A brief introduction will be provided on the features of ARouteServer and how it helps to meet some requirements of the MANRS IXP program. The tutorial will also include a couple of demos on how to use it to build secure and feature-rich configurations.



BCOPs for Maintenance Notifications 

Led by Todd Parker & Ryan Gunter, Twitch
13 April - 15:00 UTC / 16:00 BST / 17:00 CEST

As many networks work towards automating the way maintenance notifications are handled, we’ll hear how standardising the format of the email notifications can help. Read the draft BCOPdocument.


Basics of Governance & Best Practices for NFP Boards

Led by Vinciane Koenigsfeld, ICANN & EXEL Sarl
23 February - 13:00-15:00 UTC

Presentation slidesWATCH

NIS2 Directive

Led by Malcolm Hutty, LINX
9 February - 13:00-14:00 UTC

Presentation slidesWATCH

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BIRD Tutorial

Led by Maria Jan Matejka, NIC.cz

OpenBGPd Workshop 

Led by Claudio Jeker, OpenBSD


2020 Workshops

MANRS Workshop 

Led by Flavio Luciani, NaMeX
30th September/ 12:00 UTC


RPKI Workshop

Led by Nathalie Trenaman, RIPE NCC
26th August/ 13:00 UTC