The virtual fora is designed to give the Euro-IX Membership and the community a chance to let others know the latest developments at their IXPs, to allow an open interchange of ideas and promote tools and best practices for IXPs.


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Empowering EU ISACS & PISAX Project Update

Patron Updates

Routing Security Panel

Connecting the Dots: A knowledge Graph for Networking Data

IXP Challenges - 'The Coronacoaster of the Events World!'

Members Update



Thursday, 25 March 2021 - 13:00-16:00 UTC



Welcome & Introductions

Presented by: Bijal Sanghani (Euro-IX)


PISAX Project Update

Presented by: Fokko Dijksterhuis (Capgemini) and Nicolas Debeffe (LU-CIX)

This presentation will highlight PISAX, a new threat Intelligence sharing platform which aims at helping Internet Exchange Points and GRX communities to share Cybersecurity informations. Nicolas Debeffe and Fokko Dijksterhuis will explain why your organization should participate in the PISAX initiative.


Patron Introductions 1

The Euro-IX Patrons will give quick updates on their companies, their current projects and partnerships.


Coffee Break


Routing Security Panel

Moderated by: Flavio Luciani (Namex)

Panelists: Michalis Oikonomakos (GRIX), Rob Lister (LONAP), Massimiliano Stucchi (ISOC), Ondrej Filip (Nix.cz), Andrew Owens (NapAfrica)

The routing security panel will be based on the information gathered by the route server filtering survey. 


Coffee Break


Connecting the Dots: A knowledge Graph for Networking Data

Presented by: Emile Aben (RIPE NCC) and Romain Fontugne (IIJ Research Lab)

Imagine a place where you have access to all networking open datasets, in a common format, and all linked to each other. That's what we are aiming for! 

We are developing a framework to retrieve open datasets (e.g. from RIPE NCC, APNIC, PeeringDB, Spamhaus, MANRS, CAIDA, Routeviews, Alice-LG, CIRCL, IHR) and semantically enrich them with the meaning of entities and their relationships. This results in a knowledge graph that is easily extensible and well-structured.  Importing new datasets makes them immediately interlinked with the available knowledge hence augmenting both the knowledge graph and the imported datasets.  

Our implementation is based on wikibase, and benefits from all the contributions made to that project over the past decade, notably its query language (SPARQL) and multiple libraries for data retrieval.

In the presentation, we plan to demonstrate the benefits of such graph knowledge by exploring properties of IXPs members and a breakdown of prefixes announced at an IXP route server.


IXP Challenges - 'The Coronacoaster of the Events World!'

Presented by: Holly Ruff (LINX)

The past year has been a rollercoaster of a year…Holly is going to take you on her journey from the highest of highs to the knots in your stomach lows.  In this special 'Covid edition', we will look at some of the top challenges that LINX has faced and how they have dealt with these challenges. 



Presented by: Bijal Sanghani (Euro-IX)



Bijal is the Managing Director at Euro-IX, a RIPE NCC Services Working Group Co-chair since 2005 and was elected on to the PeeringDB Board in 2017, where she currently serves as a Director.


Flavio is the CTO at Namex, is a member of Euro-IX's Forum Program Committee and a 2020 MANRS Online Training Ambassador.


Michalis is the Manager of the Greek Internet eXchange, serves as a Board Member on the Greek Network Operators’ Group (GRNOG) and is also a Director on the Euro-IX Board.


Fokko is a cybersecurity expert with a specialization in organizational transformations, cross-organizational and international cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. Fokko is responsible for all stakeholder coordination and designing and executing the roadmaps for the establishment and professionalization of EU ISACs.


Nicolas has more than 20 years of experience in the Information Security area. Working since August 2018 for LU-CIX, the Luxembourg Internet eXchange Point, he is currently in charge of implementing the company’s Information Security Program and dealing with Information Security matters.


Emile Aben is a System Architect for the Research and Development department of the RIPE NCC. Prior to that role, he worked in the RIPE NCC Science Group as a research engineer since 2009. In the 10 years before that he worked as sysadmin, security consultant and researcher. He frequently posts on RIPE Labs.

IIJ Research Lab

Romain Fontugne is a senior researcher at IIJ Research Lab, Japan, who focuses on Internet measurements, traffic analysis and routing. Romain has a Phd. degree in Computer Science from NII/Sokendai University, Tokyo, JP.


Holly is the Events & Marketing Executive at the London Internet Exchange. Holly is responsible for all of LINX’s events, from Member Meetings to socials at external events. Her role has changed dramatically since the pandemic and has had the challenge of moving all in-person events online where possible.



Massimiliano "Max" Stucchi joined the Internet Society in 2019 as Technical Advisor for the European Bureau. His previous experiences are as a trainer and IPv6 Programme Manager at the RIPE NCC. Max is a long time Unix fellow, with a specific love for FreeBSD. His interest also cover BGP, Routing Security, DNS and of course, IPv6. If possible, he tries to contribute to the development of these technologies by participating in the IETF.


Ondrej is the CEO of CZ.NIC. Ondrej is the Board Chair of Euro-IX and at NIX.cz. He is also active on the boards of the Association NIX.CZ and DNS OARC. He currently sits in a significant and prestigious Advisory Committee on Safety and Stability (SSAC). Ondrej Filip also worked in the Multistakeholder Advisory Group, an advisory body to the UN Secretary General for Internet Governance Forum.

Questions That Matter

We would like to survey all attendees on thier use of route servers. The responses will be presented at the forum in an anonymised format and will inform a live discussion on route servers.

The survey is now closed.



A little something...

Forum #1-21 -giveaways are sponsored by the PISAX Project.

There will be one surprise goody for the first 100 people who attend the forum, reside in Europe, and watch the presentation on the PISAX Project! Make sure you are one of the early birds!

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