Privacy Statement

1. Introduction

Euro-IX respects the privacy of your personal information and is committed to protecting the personal information that you provide. This Euro-IX Privacy Statement applies to all personal information Euro-IX processes, including the collecting, publication, sharing and usage of personal information. The Euro-IX Privacy Statement describes how Euro-IX processes your personal data and how you can access and make changes to your personal data.

2. Processing your personal data

The main purpose for which Euro-IX processes personal information is to support its role as a membership based association for Internet eXchange Points (IXPs). An activity to fulfil this role is the collection of data on IXPs, this includes some personal data, like contact details (see 2.1).

Additionally, Euro-IX processes personal information for the purpose of performing activities for the benefit of the Euro-IX members or for the benefit of the IXP community (see 2.2).

2.1. Personal data in the IXP Database (IXPDB)

The public IXPDB shows data collected from IXPs. The records may contain contact details (name, email address, phone and fax numbers and postal address) of persons responsible for the operation of that IXP and/or for maintaining the information in the IXPDB.

In some cases, Euro-IX inputs the initial information. Subsequently, the personal information pertaining to a specific registration is provided and maintained by the authorised person. Updating is subject to an authentication and authorisation procedure (see 5). The party who enters personal data is responsible for keeping all data maintained by him accurate and up-to-date, including maintaining correct contact details (see 6).

Euro-IX publishes the contact details to make it possible for Euro-IX and the Internet network community to contact the appropriate persons when it is necessary:

  • To secure the proper functioning of the Internet;
  • To prevent or redress possible misuse of the Internet;
  • To improve the quality of the data;
  • To protect the information stored in the IXPDB;
  • To prevent any unauthorised modification of information stored in the IXPDB;
  • To ensure accountability for information entered into the IXPDB.

In addition to publication of the IXPDB, the IXPDB may be mirrored to databases operated by other organisations. The databases of these other organisations, furthermore, may also be mirrored. This system allows users to retrieve data from the IXPDB from multiple sources.

Euro-IX also, for the purposes specified above, allows proxy access to the IXPDB via third parties. In addition, third parties use a Near Real Time Mirror (NRTM) of the IXPDB excluding personal information.

Where necessary for the above purposes and to comply with statutory obligations, Euro-IX may also keep historical data (data that was published in the IXPDB before the record was updated).

Except as described herein or when under a statutory duty to do so, Euro-IX does not share or transfer any personal data.

2.2. Processing your personal data for other purposes

In addition to the collection and use of personal data in relation to the IXPDB, Euro-IX provides other services and activities that may require the processing of your personal information. These include:

1. The Euro-IX secretariat: Euro-IX may request contact details for Euro-IX member services such as relationship management, accounting and billing;

2. Euro-IX website and member portal ( processing of messages, service requests and information requests;

3. Mailing lists: messages including name, email address, date and message content are published in the mailing lists and mailing list archives to support the open and transparent nature of Euro-IX;

4. Event registration administration for meetings, workshops and other organised events: Euro-IX may publish lists of attendees on a website as part of its commitment to be open and transparent. These lists are public and contain the name of the attendee and their organisation. Contact details (email address) is visible to logged in Members only. No other personal details is included.

Euro-IX may use contact details provided in relation to all the above activities to send you relevant information on its activities and services, such as announcements on network upgrades, outages, Euro-IX fora, workshops and other organised events. Euro-IX may also on occasion forward public messages to a particular mailing list if it is relevant and appropriate for that list. If you do not wish to receive such messages, you can unsubscribe yourself at any time (see 5).

Data collected for the above purposes may be transferred to third parties engaged by Euro-IX in the provision of such services. The information shared in these cases is limited to that required for the respective purpose and is subject to those other organisations providing equivalent levels of security and protection.

In addition to the above, Euro-IX may register, process or transfer your personal data where such is required pursuant to a statutory duty.

3. Protection and secrecy of your information

Euro-IX maintains strict procedures to authenticate people's identification and verify their right to authorise changes in the IXPDB.

Personal data held in the public IXPDB is available to the public. Use of the IXPDB by members of the public is subject to the IXPDB Terms and Conditions. People attempting to abuse this service will have their access to the IXPDB blocked.

Euro-IX maintains a high level of physical security and protection for all its computer and network facilities, and, in particular, for those in which personal information may be stored.

4. Use of Cookies

  1. What is a cookie and what are cookies used for?

“Cookies” are small files that a browser can record after visiting a website. These files are set on your computer (or any other device with which you visit a website) through your browser.

Websites operated by the Euro-IX use cookies that:

  • Are strictly necessary for the provision of the services that are available through the website and facilitate your use of these services (e.g. to identify you when you are logged in)
  • Improve your experience by recording information about your settings (e.g. your location)
  • Collect anonymous statistical information on the use of the website that help us improve the performance of the Euro-IX website (e.g. the number of visitors to each part of our websites and their origin)

Euro-IX does not use cookies for online behavioural advertising purposes nor does it share information collected via cookies with any third parties.

Some of these cookies are deleted once you close your browser. Others are set for longer periods of time.

For detailed information about the cookies used by Euro-IX, the purpose of these cookies and the period they remain active, please see the list of cookies.

4.1 Third party cookies

During your visit to the Euro-IX website, third parties may also set cookies on your device. These cookies are set when you visit a page which has content embedded from third party sites, such as YouTube.

4.2 Disabling cookies

You can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings Please check the “help” menu of your browser for information about how to change your cookie preferences. However you may not be able to use all website features if cookies are disabled.

5. Accessing and changing your information

You have the right to ask that inaccurate or incomplete data relating to you is rectified. In order to fulfil our obligation, you will be requested to identify yourself.

Euro-IX members have the possibility to view their registration information via the online Portal. You may have the ability to access and change your personal data using the Portal on behalf of your organisation. Euro-IX will help those who may have trouble modifying their own data. To prevent unauthorised access and changes to your personal data, you will have to sign in with your credentials, i.e. username and password.

If you are not authorised to change your personal data, please refer to the authorised person from your organisation. If you have subscribed to any Euro-IX mailing lists, you are able to unsubscribe yourself at any time or change your preferences by accessing this web page:

If your name has been published on the Euro-IX website as part of the list of attendees of an event or meeting and you wish to be deleted from the list, please contact

If you have questions or concerns about the accuracy or appropriateness of any other personal information held by Euro-IX, please contact Euro-IX will respond and seek to correct any problems as soon as possible.

6. Changes to this privacy statement

Euro-IX may change this privacy statement from time to time. The current version of the privacy statement will be available on

7. Questions or suggestions

If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns about the issues discussed in this document, please email us at