Overdue Membership Fees Policy


Due to the fact that some Euro-IX Members and Patrons have taken a lot more than six months to pay their Euro-IX Membership fees without making any contact with the Euro-IX Secretariat, the Euro-IX Executive Board agreed upon the following policy for the paying of Membership fees:
1. Invoices are sent to Members at the begining of January, a reminder will be sent 30 days after.
2. If the Member has not paid the invoice or made contact with Euro-IX by the 31st of April, the Member will be suspended from Euro-IX and if the payment has still not come through by the 1st of June, the Member will be revoked. Please note, while a member is in suspension they can not attend the Euro-IX forum.
3. If they would like to rejoin Euro-IX they will first have to pay any outstanding fees due from previous Membership periods and go through the entire Membership application procedure again.
4. Any Member that feels that they require extra time to pay their fees should contact the Euro-IX Secretariat as soon as possible and ask for an extension on the payment of their fees. If the extenstion is approved by the board, the member will be given extra time to process the payment.