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This is the last Euro-IX virtual event of the year and we wanted to highlight some of the work being done within the community. From building a new IXP during the pandemic (GOMA-IX) to lessons learnt Detecting Proxy ARP in an IXP LAN, and Packet Filters/ IXP Switch Wish Lists, the people behind the IXPs have been working hard!

Check the program for more information on what we have planned for the day.



Wednesday, 1 December 2021 - 13:00-15:35 UTC


The agenda is being worked on by the FPC, please check back for updates.

Opening and Welcome
Bijal Sanghani - Euro-IX

13:00 UTC

13:05 UTC

Detecting Proxy ARP in an IXP LAN
Steven Bakker - AMS-IX

On 11 August 2011, AMS-IX suffered a proxy ARP event that resulted in the tragic loss of many innocent BGP sessions. Proxy ARP usually poses no threat to a peering fabric, but there are situations in which it can lead to significant service disruption. On this tenth anniversary of the "Proxy ARP Meltdown", we look at some of the causes of "harmful proxy ARP" as well as how to reliably detect occurrences of this.

Customer Views - Dr Max Group

Miroslav Matuška - Dr.Max BDC s.r.o.

Dr.Max Group is a large European pharmacy chain. It includes about 2300 pharmacies in 8 countries. Dr.Max uses highly centralized application infrastructure in two private cloud datacenters (IaaS) and is currently moving to a large public cloud platform. In finding the most efficient way to privately interconnect all Dr.Max locations, from the smallest pharmacies to the largest warehouses, the IXP services have proven to be very beneficial. This talk discusses why it is interesting for the enterprise customer to use the IXP services directly (not through an ISP) and presents its overall experience with them.

13:50 UTC 

14:20 UTC


Thomas King - DE-CIX

BFD is a well-known technology that detects and reacts to forwarding issues quickly (within a few hundred milliseconds). Nowadays, all router vendors support BFD, and it is standard best practice to use BFD within a network. However, BFD is not so commonly used at IXPs on bilateral links and even less common on multilateral links, including the Route Servers. In this presentation, I want to highlight the usefulness of BFD at IXPs and discuss with you if we as an industry should make a joint effort to push it.

14:30 UTC

14:50 UTC

Nico Tshintu Bakajika - ISPA DRC/ KINIX
(with translation from French to English by Marc Bruyere - TOUIX)

This presentation describes in general terms the realities encountered in building an IXP in a peering ecosystem devoid of certain major players and the roles that an IXP must play to ensure its long-term operation. In particular, the construction of an IXP in this peering ecosystem during the Covid-19 period. Thus, three axes have been developed. The first axis presents the characteristics of a peering ecosystem devoid of certain major players. The second axis demonstrates the positive impacts of Covid-19 on the development of peering in the DRC and the difficulties encountered in building GOMIX during the same period.The third axis projects the various other roles that an IXP is called upon to play in the development of the peering ecosystem. 

Packet Filters / IXP Switch Wish List
Aleksi Suhonen - TREX

This presentation is about designing rules to mitigate abuse and denial of service at different layers: What mechanisms do IXPs need?

15:05 UTC 

15:20 UTC

IXPDB Update and Priorities
Leo Vegoda - Euro-IX

This talk introduces work that will deliver a new presentation platform for the IXPDB, in support of its vision of bringing "parity in communicating and understanding Internet accessibility and functionality across the world through an accurate, authoritative, comprehensive, public source of structured data related to IXPs and network interconnection." It will then discuss some of the enhancements that have been suggested and request users with feature requests to share them.

15:35 UTC - Closing



Managing Director 

Bijal is the Managing Director at Euro-IX, a RIPE NCC Services Working Group Co-chair since 2005 and was elected on to the PeeringDB Board in 2017, where she currently serves as a Director.

IXPDB Product Manager

Leo Vegoda is IXPDB's Product Manager. He is guiding the development of features that help deliver on the IXPDB's vision of bringing "parity in communicating and understanding Internet accessibility and functionality across the world through an accurate, authoritative, comprehensive, public source of structured data related to IXPs and network interconnection."


Aleksi Suhonen has been on the Internet since 1987, when he found out the local university was connected and in peering since 1997, when he went to work for a local Internet startup called Scifi Communications International. Since then he has started a consulting company that helps other ISPs with internetworking issues and this company has also started a number of other companies to do with internetworking, such as an IXP and an operator neutral data centre.

Operations Manager

Nico TSHINTU is responsible for the administration, finance and operation of the Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA-DRC) and KINIX. He has a Graduate Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information.

He works voluntarily as a member of the ISPA-DRC Commission in charge of the development and implementation of the RDC-IX project (achievable in three phases: KINIX, LUBIX, GOMIX). He is a member of the Board of Directors of NIC-DRC (which will be responsible for managing the .cd domain name). He is also a member of ISOC Chapter RDC.


Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Thomas King is in the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) industry for more than ten years. As Chief Technology Officer at DE-CIX, he and his team are responsible for building and operating the Interconnection Platform worldwide, designing and introducing new Interconnection products, and keeping customers happy with swift service provisioning executed by a 24/ Customer Service. DE-CIX is operating 28 IXPs on three continents. The world-leading IXP located in Frankfurt, Germany, connects more than 1000 networks and generates peak traffic of more than 10Tbps. The latest product developments include introducing a fully automated Cloud Exchange at DE-CIX, which offers dedicated connections to Cloud Service Providers such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud.

Platform & Solution Architect

Steven holds a master's degree in computer science from the VU Amsterdam and has been working in the ICT field since 1991. He joined AMS-IX in December 2001 and has fulfilled various roles, such as: network engineer, software developer, system engineer, team manager, and trivia ninja. He is the main author and maintainer of the ARP Sponge and writes SQL queries for fun. Currently, his business card reads "Platform & Solutions Architect". He has a weakness for tompouce pastry.

Network Architect
Dr.Max BDC s.r.o.

Miroslav Matuška finished his Ph.D. with major in IP networking in 2006. After that he was working for major IP networking vendor and its partners as a pre-sales and post-sales network engineer. He has gained CCIE certification in 2008 (Routing and Switching) and in 2011 (Service Provider). He later became an independent network architect and consultant for various Enterprise companies and Public Sector entities including Dr.Max BDC. His favorite activity is network design and troubleshooting. He is a sport climbing fan and still believes in IPv6 after all these years.



(Attendee registration information is manually updated daily)


# First Name Last Name Company Country
1 Steven Bakker AMS-IX United States
2 Ruben van den Brink AMS-IX Netherlands
3 Peter van Burgel AMS-IX Netherlands
4 Tiago Gonçalves AMS-IX United Kingdom
5 Elisabetta Ghermandi AMS-IX Netherlands
6 Eyad Abukhorma Aqaba IX Jordan
7 Mohannad Habaq AqabaIX Jordan
8 Sadeq Alkhodari AqabaIX Jordan
9 Ahmad Ramadan AqabaIX Jordan
10 Yazan Jaber AqabaIX Jordan
11 David Murray Arista Networks,  Inc. United Kingdom
12 Florian Hibler Arista Networks,  Inc. Germany
13 Franck Olivier Kouame ARTCI France
14 Fuad Mohseni Batelco Bahrain
15 Susann Böhme BCIX Germany
16 Vincentz Petzholtz BCIX Germany
17 Kay Rechthien BCIX Germany
18 Fadi Khoneisser Beirut-IX Lebanon
19 Dimo Nikolov BIX.BG Bulgaria
20 Stefan Gulinck BNIX Belgium
21 Frederic Libotte BNIX Belgium
22 Caterina Parals CATNIX Spain
23 Armand KOFFI CIVIX (Côte d'Ivoire Internet Exchange Point) Côte d'Ivoire
24 Mario Klobucar CIX Croatia
25 John Shade CIXP Switzerland
26 Edoardo Martelli CIXP Switzerland
27 Maria Isabel Gandia CSUC / CATNIX Spain
28 Alina Rubina DE-CIX Germany
29 Arnold Nipper DE-CIX Germany
30 Daniel Spierling DE-CIX Germany
31 Thomas King DE-CIX Management GmbH Germany
32 Peter Helmenstine Digital Realty United States
33 Dan Václavek Dr. MAX BDC Czech Republic
34 Miroslav Matuška Dr.Max BDC s.r.o. Czech Republic
35 Michał Małyszko EQUINIX Poland
36 Martin Atkinson Equinix United Kingdom
37 Leo Vegoda Euro-IX United States
38 Bijal Sanghani Euro-IX United Kingdom
39 Mikael Holmberg Extreme Networks Finland
40 Joerg Ammon Extreme Networks Germany
41 Portia Rabonda Flexoptix   GmbH South Africa
42 Fearghas McKay FLEXOPTIX GmbH United States
43 Samuel Triolet FranceIX France
44 Kiran Makhijani Futurewei United States
45 Kiran Makhijani Futurewei United States
46 Michalis Oikonomakos GR-IX Greece
47 Brent Mc Intosh Grenada Internet Exchange Grenada
48 Nick Hilliard INEX Ireland
49 Patricia Soria INEX Ireland
50 Barry O'Donovan INEX Ireland
51 Eileen Gallagher INEX Ireland
52 Angela Stanescu InterLAN Internet Exchange Romania
53 Kevin Meynell Internet Society Netherlands
54 Davina MPUTU ISPA Congo
55 Nico Tshintu Bakajika  ISPA-DRC Congo
56 Vladislav Bidikov North Macedonia
57 Takejiro Takabayashi JPIX Japan
58 Masataka Mawatari JPIX Japan
59 Katsuyasu Toyama JPNAP Japan
60 Jennifer Holmes LINX United Kingdom
61 Kurt Erik Lindqvist LINX United Kingdom
62 Nurani Nimpuno LINX Sweden
63 Moyaze Shivji LINX United Kingdom
64 Ian Chilton LONAP United Kingdom
65 David Croft LONAP United Kingdom
66 Peter Taphouse Lonap United Kingdom
67 Will Hargrave LONAP Ltd United Kingdom
68 stephane Kraus LU-CIX Luxembourg
69 Irene Lalioti LU-CIX Luxembourg
70 Michel LANNERS LU-CIX Luxembourg
71 Claude Tompers LU-CIX GIE Luxembourg
72 Mickael Do Couto LU-CIX Management G.I.E. Luxembourg
73 Cyrille Meachler LU-CIX Management G.I.E. Luxembourg
74 Bill Reid Manitoba Internet Exchange Canada
75 Stefan Wahl Megaport Germany
76 Stephane Adou MOOV-AFRICA CI Côte d'Ivoire
77 Mikhail Grishin MSK-IX Russia
78 Aleksandr Azarenok MSK-IX Russia
79 Mikhail Kovalev MSK-IX Russia
80 Ayah Odeh Naitel Jordan
81 Qusai Yaseen Naitel Jordan
82 Hazem Alkhoury Naitel - AqabaIX Jordan
83 flavio luciani Namex Italy
84 Marta Burocchi Namex Italy
85 Luca Davoli Namex - Roma IXP Italy
86 Siri Brenden Netnod Sweden
87 Andreas Dobloug NIX Norway
88 Petter Bjørbæk NIX Norway
89 Ondrej Filip NIX.CZ United Kingdom
90 Jaromír Novák NIX.CZ Czech Republic
91 Ester Paal NIX.CZ Czech Republic
92 Marian Rychtecky NIX.CZ,  z.s.p.o. Czech Republic
93 Jerry Grondel NL-ix Netherlands
94 Greg Hankins Nokia United States
95 Jason Gintert Ohio IX United States
96 Konrad Plich Orange Polska Poland
97 Ferenc Käszdorf Rendszerinformatika Zrt Hungary
98 Osama Aldosary Salam Saudi Arabia
99 Salman Alomiri Saudi Arabian Internet Exchange Saudi Arabia
100 Yolandi Robinson Teraco Data Environments/NAPAfrica South Africa
101 Alessandro Galardini TOP-IX Italy
102 Luca Cicchelli TOP-IX Italy
103 Marc Bruyere TouIX Japan
104 Aleksi  Suhonen TREX Finland
105 Dick van Schooneveld United Zero,  VVV Investment Group,  ES Netherlands
106 Leandro Bertholdo University of Twente Netherlands
107 Rainer Vorauer University Vienna VIX Austria
108 Kaudjhis Serge AMBEU VIPNET Côte d'Ivoire
109 Issam Fayad Virtual technologies and Solutions Ghana
110 Harald Michl VIX Austria
111 Liviu-Radu Radulescu VIX Austria
112 Luca Finotti VSIX Italy

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