Who is your audience


When ever designing a new website one of the most important questions to consider is "Who will my audience be?". Those coming to view your website will most probably fall into one of the following four categories: potential IXP participants, these are either parties that are totally new to the idea of an IXP or those looking to peer an additional or alternative IXP than the one that they currently are at; current IXP participants, those that are already connected to your IXP; the general public, this may include those that are simply interested to know what an IXP is, researchers looking to get more information about your IXP, other IXP operators and so; your IXP staff, they will need access your website for a range of information that should only be kept for their trusted eyes. Furthermore it goes without saying that there will also be considerable overlap between these above mentioned audiences and thus it can difficult to strictly define who will require what information.
1.  Prospect IXP Participants
2.  Existing IXP Participants
3.  General Public