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European Internet Exchange Association

IX-F Database

IX-F DB API server written using Python / Django,
which can:

•get / create / update / delete IXP, organisation, IP addressing and network information
•all interaction is JSON
•all non-sensitive information will be publicly available
•Members of IXPAs will be able to create, update and delete IXPs from the databases.
•We have a proof of concept client to interact with this database in Python including unit test code at:
•The PHP version of this with unit tests also available at:


Where are we..

•Designed for IXPs to export (push) data with minimal intervention
•Simple modifications can be used for IXP to IXPA or to PeeringDB
•At present Euro-IX is the only IXPA interface ready to talk with PeeringDB -  we encourage ALL IXPs to use the Euro-IX website while others are being worked on.
•APIX started work, LAC-IX and AFIX to come..
to access the API please check here -

For questions or feedback, please contact us.