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Euro-IX Patrons

With now more than 75 affiliated IXPs and over 2,500 connected customers to these IXPs, Euro-IX reaches a substantial section of the IP community and for this reason vendors of industry related equipment and services find themselves in an ideal customer specific marketplace. Euro-IX can offer the opportunity for those vendors and IXPs to come together and exchange ideas and in turn produce industry specific equipment and services that will help both parties alike.

The initial meeting place for all Euro-IX affiliates is the Euro-IX Forums which take place twice a year. The Forums have been designed to bring together all the Euro-IX affiliated IXPs in one location for a two day period to discuss relevant topics of interest and give all those involved the opportunity to meet each other face to face.

The Forum discussions range from both technical; IXP implementation of HW/SW, next Generation switching platforms, security issues, networking monitoring tools, to operational issues such as; new IXP customer services, gaining more IXP customers, service pricing and administration issues, to name just a few.

As the Euro-IX affiliated IXPs continue to grow and develop, there is a need for Euro-IX to keep a close relationship with all industry related parties so that our member IXP needs are best fulfilled now and in the future. Thus Euro-IX would like to approach you, as a potential future Patron of Euro-IX.

If you feel that your organisation would like to work together with Euro-IX, please take a look at the becoming a Euro-IX Patron section of our website.