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European Internet Exchange Association

News & Events

October Newsletter Oct. 10, 2017


In the October issue, read about the whitepaper by Interxion on the future of peering.

Also included are upcoming events - RONOG 4, Luxembourg Internet Days and the Euro-IX Forum in Bratislava.

Read the newsletter here

September newsletter Sept. 7, 2017


With the 31st forum fast approaching, we encourage all who want to attend to register as soon as possible. Registration will close on Friday 29th September.

Welcome to, who joined the Euro-IX community last month.

Read the September issue here

August Newsletter Aug. 2, 2017


In this months newsletter, we welcome new remote member BIX (Beirut IX).

Registration for the 31st forum hosted by NIX.SK in Bratislava is open, log in and register here

To find out about how ISOC and KINIX are collaborating and more, read the full newsletter here

July newsletter July 6, 2017


This months newsletter includes news on the Euro-IX route server workshop, and an article on sustainable access to the internet by Michael Oghia for RIPE Labs. 

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Congratulations to Telehouse on winning the Data Centre Energy Efficiency Project of the Year category at the Data Centre Solutions Awards 2017. 

Read about this and more Fellowship feedback in the latest newsletter here