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European Internet Exchange Association

News & Events

October Newsletter Oct. 10, 2016


With only a few weeks left until the 29th forum, we encourage all those who want to attend to register ASAP. There will be a tour of the districts on Sunday 6th at 12.30, and a RIPE ATLAS workshop in the evening. Find out more about the forum and register here

We welcome new patron ARISTA to the Euro-IX community! Read their introduction and find out about the improved IX-F DB in the latest newsletter

TESPOK launches Africa's first Global Roaming Exchange Sept. 12, 2016


The Technology Service Providers Association of Kenya (TESPOK) in partnership with the African Union Commission launched Africa’s first GSM Global Roaming Exchange (GRX) on Thursday, 8th September 2016 at the EADC center. The global roaming exchange will help in cutting cost of mobile operators, removing the need for a dedicated link between each mobile service provider. GRX will help to reduce the roaming charges and facilitate easy connectivity to the exchange. Find out more about TESPOK here

September Newsletter Sept. 8, 2016


We are pleased to share with the communty our findings on the state of IXPs in Europe, in the 2015 IXP Report.

Following the AfPIF event in Dar es Salaam last month Marc Bruyere of TouIX, has shared in his experience in a 'diary'. Read all about this and other member news in the September newsletter here

August Newsletter Aug. 8, 2016


Check out our newest members, details about our next forum in Krakow, projects we're working on (The Fellowship and Mentor-IX) and the 2015 IXP Traffic report.

We also asked Marijana Novakovic of Linkedin about her impresssions from attending the Euro-IX forum and read about how you can get involved with the latest IGF Best Practise efforts.  

Finally a BIG Thank You to CHN-IX on translating the IXP Revealed Video into Mandarin, you can view it here.

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June Newsletter June 7, 2016


CIX (Croatian Internet eXchange), officially launched its second point (CIX2) at the  data center Altus IT. CIX has also launched a new website: 

To read the rest of the newsletter, click here