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Euro-IX April Newsletter

1st April 2015

The latest Euro-IX newsletter has been sent to our members and patrons. To read it, click here

Af-IX joins IX-F

On the 7th of October 2014 (during the Nanog Meeting in Baltimore), the African Internet Exchange Association (Af-IX) signed the MoU to join the Internet Exchange Federation. The two Board representatives are Nishal Goburdhan (JINX) and Kyle Spencer (UIXP). For more information about the Federation, visit


Internet Revealed, now in Italian

Internet Revealed, a film about IXPs is now available in Italian, thanks to 3 of our members: MIX, NaMeX and TOP-IX. 
Interested in translating the video in your language? Contact us!

ISOC Partnership

On 17th July 2013, Euro-IX signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with The Internet Society (ISOC). This new partnership has been received with great enthusiasm from our members. Both parties recognize their shared interest in:

  • Developing Internet exchange points (IXPs) and Internet connectivity
  • Sharing knowledge and data on best practices to assist in the development of IXP’s, while encouraging local communities of interest able to maintain and sustain IXPs
  • Sharing information on IXP governance best practices
  • Sharing the importance of building local technical expertise through mentoring and training
  • Promoting IXP’s as an essential element of the Internet ecosystem

As a result both parties will collaborate, as appropriate, based on the following principles:

  • Each party will regularly update the other on activities of mutual interest
  • Each party will involve the other in projects of mutual interest
  • Activities will be defined and agreed in writing beforehand, all collaboration is voluntary by both parties
  • Respect for each parties independence is recognized and activities will be undertaken in the spirit of partnering to build Internet infrastructure and to extend the benefit of the Internet to all stakeholders

Euro-IX Report

The 2013 Euro-IX Report on European Internet Exchanges can be found here: Euro-IX IXP Report 2013

Euro-IX Position Statement on the Review of the ITRs

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 18 October 2012

In December 2012, the World Conference on International Telecommunications will consider a review of the International Telecommunication Regulations. As some proposed amendments may have a negative impact on the future of the Internet, the Euro-IX Board (Executive Committee) has prepared a Position Statement. The statement lists the points which are considered important to ensure the open, competitive and innovative nature of the Internet in the future. The Euro-IX Board has encouraged the members of Euro-IX to talk to their Government representatives and share the position statement with them and also with the members (customers, participants) of the exchange point.

The position statement can be found here.

IXP traffic during European Championships 2012

The European Football Championships is the third most watched sporting event in the world (after the World Cup and the Olympics). Euro 2012 took place in Poland and Ukraine from 8 June, so we teamed up with RIPE NCC to report some findings –

Euro-IX Membership is IPV6 ready, are you?

Euro-IX members are IPv6 ready, the full press release can be found here