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European Internet Exchange Association

Connect to an IXP

Connection Requirements

The requirements needed to connect to an IXP can differ from one IXP to the next. The following 3 requirements are found at most IXPs:

  • Autonomous System Number (ASN)
    => this number is used in both the exchange of exterior routing information, and as an identifier of the AS itself
  • Border Gateway Protocol Version 4 (BGP-4)
    Peering between Members' routers across the IXP will be via BGP-4
  • Connection Agreement
    => Each IXP has its own terms and conditions which a prospective customer must be willing to adhere to

Note: Some IXPs have more requirements than those listed above. Full details of the joining requirements per IXP can be viewed here


IXP Selection

To choose which IXP(s) to connect to, you should consider: