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Association Setup

Euro-IX has been set up as an association in The Netherlands, with an office in Amsterdam and two full time employees who manage the day to day running of the association. The Euro-IX members have elected seven persons (the Executive board) to make major decisions and initiating proposals to further improve the value of Euro-IX. The Executive board has in turn elected a Chairman, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The Executive board meets regularly throughout the year and the members meet at least two times per year at different European locations.

Benefits of joining Euro-IX

With now more than 70 IXPs from 49 different countries, Euro-IX provides a unique platform for IXPs to share information and discuss current topics and issues of interest. Euro-IX offers its members a web portal to help attract future customers, several databases of information that are relevant to IXPs, mailing lists for current discussions, regulatory reports, and the opportunity for all member IXPs to come together twice a year for face-to-face discussions at Euro-IX Forums.

Further details on the benefits of joining can be found here - Becoming a Euro-IX Member

Joining Euro-IX

As Euro-IX is looking to share knowledge between a variety of IXPs, potential new membership is highly encouraged. Some basic guidelines have been drawn up to help define what exactly an IXP is. Euro-IX has accepted the industry definition of an IXP as:

"A physical network infrastructure operated by a single entity with the purpose to facilitate the exchange of Internet traffic between Autonomous Systems. The number of Autonomous Systems connected should at least be three and there must be a clear and open policy for others to join."

On meeting the above definition, and as long as the applying organization is up and running with at least 3 peers and a published customers list, one may apply to join Euro-IX.


Types of membership

Euro-IX offers three possibilities for IXPs around the world to join the association.

1. Standard Membership
  • Standard Membership allows IXPs to vote on major decisions made at Euro-IX, receive certain subsidies for attending Euro-IX Forums and access to all Euro-IX services
  • All IXPs that meet the Euro-IX joining requirements and fall within the 'Euro-IX Region' (see bright blue area of the euro-ix-region-map) may apply for full membership
  • The standard membership fee is 4,000 euro per annum.
2. Associate Membership
  • Associate members have full access to all meetings and benefits that Euro-IX offers, however do not have a right to vote at General Meetings and do not receive accommodation subsidies at Euro-IX forums. Current and future Euro-IX services may not be extended to cover regions outside of Europe.
  • All IXPs that meet the Euro-IX joining requirements may apply for associate membership at Euro-IX
  • The associate membership fee is 3,000 euro per annum
3. Remote Membership
  • This membership category has been established for those IXPs who would like to affiliate themselves with Euro-IX, gain access to the restricted web pages and databases as well as subscribing to the Euro-IX mailing lists, but do not plan to attend Euro-IX forums on a regular basis. These IXPs do not receive a right to vote at General Meetings, do not receive accommodation subsidies at Euro-IX forums, and furthermore would be required to pay an attendance fee if they wished to send representatives to a Forum.
  • Further details on the Remote Membership category can be found here.
  • The remote membership fee is 1,000 euro per annum.

The joining procedure

The applying IXP should fill in a:

As well as printing off, signing a mailing to Euro-IX a:

On receiving the application the Euro-IX Executive board will review it for its legitimacy and in turn make a decision as to whether the applicant meets these predefined guidelines for joining Euro-IX.

  Requirements   Benefits        
  Profile Location Access to Website Services + Mailing Lists Access to Forum Free of charge for 2 persons Accommodation Coverage during
forums (2 pers / 2 nights)
General Meeting Vote Annual Fee
Standard Membership Meets the joining requirements IXP located within the Euro-IX region YES YES YES YES € 4,000
Associate Membership Meets the joining requirements IXP located anywhere in the world YES YES NO NO € 3,000
Remote Membership Meets the joining requirements IXP located anywhere in the world YES NO NO NO € 1,000