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The Benefits of Joining Euro-IX (at a glance):

  • IXP community: contact and relations with some 70 plus IXPs. The Euro-IX ASN database now lists more than 4,500 ISPs that are connected to its affiliated IXPs. via the working relationship that many of our members have built with each other, this had lead to membership/customer increases at IXPs.
  • Euro-IX forums: the participation in the biannual Euro-IX forums which aim at bringing together all of our member IXPs to introduce themselves to one another and share current ideas and issues of both a technical and commercial nature.
  • Switch vendors: implementation of switch vendor contact groups in order to bring the wishes of ixps to the attention of the switch manufacturers. This is further strengthened by the fact that we now have major switch vendors who participate in Euro-IX forums via the Euro-IX patronage scheme.
  • Euro-IX website: placement on the Euro-IX website which acts as a portal for ISPs looking for a logical place to peer in europe.
  • Resources: member pages which supply a combined wealth of IXP knowledge, from a switch DB to regulatory issues which might affect IXPs in Europe.
  • Discussion: the ability to participate in discussions on the Euro-IX mailing lists, discussions range from the solving of technical issues that most IXPs are facing, to new laws that may affect them. These mailing lists also allow subscribers to pose technical questions which other IXPs may be able to provide support/answers to.
  • Sharing: new Euro-IX initiatives include a staff/knowledge exchange where IXPs are willing to lend staff for upgrading of equipment when an IXP feels that the experience of another IXP may be beneficial.
  • Regulatory updates: we employ a part time regulatory officer who keeps in touch with legal issues affecting ixps and translates these issues into laymen’s terms.
  • Working groups: current and future discussion/working groups include, IXP network monitoring tools, ng switching technologies, an IXP performance bench marking club, and more.
  • Representation: The Euro-IX Secretary General represents Euro-IX and its members on a regular basis at IP community related meetings around the world such as those of RIPE, APRICOT, AfPIF, NANOG, etc.


If your are an IXP that is interested in applying for membership with Euro-IX please go through to the IXP joining section to get full application details.


Membership Options Overview:

  Requirements   Benefits        
  Profile Location Access to Website Services + Mailing Lists Access to Forum Free of charge for 2 persons Accommodation Coverage during
forums (2 pers / 2 nights)
General Meeting Vote Annual Fee
Standard Membership Meets the joining requirements IXP located within the Euro-IX region YES YES YES YES € 4,000
Associate Membership Meets the joining requirements IXP located anywhere in the world YES YES NO NO € 3,000
Remote Membership Meets the joining requirements IXP located located anywhere in the world YES NO NO NO € 1,000