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European Internet Exchange Association

Mentor-IX Program

We've identified two stages of support for the Mentor-IX program:

  • Stage 1: Normalisation
  • Stage 2: Advanced

Stage 1

Helping newly established exchange points with the following:

  • tools
  • framework for management and business development
  • assistance in adhering to the IX-F BCPs for IXP operations


  • working website, with contact detail, members list and traffic stats if appropriate
  • verified contacts
  • self fund attendance at IXPA meeting
  • presentation of their success or challenges at an IXPA meeting
  • have a working set of management tools
  • IXPDB entry
  • Bi-annual update to local IXPA
  • Support available in local languages for IXP participants

Stage 2

This IXP may be going into the next phase of development or may have run into some unexpected problems, it is expected the IXP to have been operational for 2+ years:

  • design and engineering help as needed
  • marketing support
  • implementing additional services


  • independently host IXP participant meeting
  • emergence of additional services, eg. reseller programs, offer vlan support, host a root server
  • be self sustaining
  • be in a position to support future emerging exchanges
  • Bi-annual update to local IXPA

criteria for donor

  • an established IXP
  • keen to support the development and growth of IXPs

criteria for the IXP in need

  • have named representatives to liaise with the donor IXP
  • be active in the IXP community, i.e. active in relevant IXPA fora

Benefits of the Mentor-IX program

  • Expose engineers to problems they may not find in their own enviroment, which encourages learning
  • Use of standard documentation and training material
  • Encourage IXPs to follow IX-F BCPs
  • Make the internet faster and reliable in IXP in needs market
  • Marketing and commercial kudos
  • Feel good factor, helping out because you can!

We want to fund the program via donations, to cover:

  • Travel expenses for staff exchange and training
  • IXPA forum attendance
  • Logistics i.e. shipping hardware

if you're interested in donating to the program or want to get involved, Contact us.