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European Internet Exchange Association

General Public

Nowadays more and more research entities are taking interest in the Internet and IXPs around the globe. In general they are looking for statistics and trends on the amount of traffic being exchanged at the IXP; the amount and type of participants that are present including their ASNs and where possible the prefixes being announced; as well as other IXP related information such as the IXP's year of establishment, brand of switches being used, services provided and more.

However it is not only 'researchers' that are taking more interest, it is also the public at large, and for this section of your audience it may be important to explain what an IXP is, why entities connect to it and how this helps the Internet at large. A glossary of terms and links to other related sites may also be a value addition to your website.


  • What is an IXP?
  • Your IXP story/history
  • Your IXP today