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European Internet Exchange Association

The IXP Website

In most cases an IXP's website is its initial contact and reference point for all interested parties. Those visiting the website are looking for information and want that information in a fast and effective manner. While some industries have a clear advantage in using plenty of graphics, movies, sound and other plugins to give their website that needed edge, in the IXP world, and in particular those wanting to find certain information fast, this can prove to be disadvantageous and even extremely frustrating.

There are numerous models of IXPs and it goes without saying that each and every individual IXP will have a different set of requirements depending on their particular circumstances, set-up and the environment that they are in. Therefore this document does not attempt to create the perfect IXP website template that all IXPs must adhere to, rather it acts a checklist of ideas and thoughts that you may or may not wish/need to apply to your IXP.

  1. The IXP Website Audience
  2. Other Considerations