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European Internet Exchange Association

Out-Band Management Network

Next to the In-band management it is advised to also use something known as out of band management, a way to reach the management of your equipment in case of network failure.


1/ IP console access devices

If an IXP has a partner (or also maintains a separate network) that operates a network with different lines from the one the IXP uses one way to connect to the console of the IXP is to use out of band management over IP. A remote console that is accessible via ssh, telnet, etc. over IP is connected to a console port of the IXP switch.


2/ Layer 3 IPSec remote access to IP console devices

IP console devices may also be reached via IPSec tunnels, although ssh may be enough security for such devices.


3/ Telephone console access devices

A common approach is to use telephone lines and connect a remote console to the IXP device console port. In this way it is possible to call the remote console via a modem on the operator's local computer over the telephone network. This is a very slow way to communicate with the device but enough to use the console and detect broken lines.