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This page contains RSS news feeds from Euro-IX affiliated IXPs. Currently the following IXPs include news items on this page: AMS-IX, BCIX, BIX.BG, CIX, DE-CIX, INEX, LINX, Lyonix, MSK-IX, NaMeX, NIX.CZ, NL-ix, PLIX, SwissIX, VIX, TREX, ECIX

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Yevgeny Morozov: «Our business is all about partnering with a variety of services»

Moscow is hosting the 6th International Conference, "Transport Networks Russia 2015 - Transport telecommunications development in Russia and the CIS". This conference is a key venue for regulators and top officials of the operator industry and an excellent opportunity for the companies that drive technological progress and the leading visionaries of the ICT industry to meet. The conference is attended by about 300 delegates from Russia and other countries.

New peer: HeLi NET Telekommunikation (AS12355) – 10GE [DUS]

Zain Group Joins UAE-IX to Increase Peering Opportunities With Middle East Carriers

Zain Group has connected to UAE-IX, the first carrier-neutral Internet traffic exchange platform in...

Le rapport d'activité 2014 de Rezopole est en ligne

Le rapport d'activité 2014 ede Rezopole est en ligne. Vous trouverez dans ce document une rétrospective complète des activités et événements de l'année 2014. Le rapport est disponible en téléchargement au format PDF à partir de ce lien.


Traffic at DE-CIX exchanges: The only way is up

In March, new traffic peaks were reached at DE-CIX’s exchanges in Munich, Hamburg, New York and...

25.03.2015 Record Attendance at the CEE Peering Day 2015 Conference

The third annual CEE Peering Day was held in the Slovakian capital, Bratislava, on 18th and 19th of March. The event welcomed more than 200 representatives of the ISP, IXP and data center operators from all over the world to share their experience with current topics related to peering. The NIX.CZ Association announced the opening of the NIX.SK peering node and unveiled its plans related to the development of this exchange. Traditionally, the third edition of the CEE Peering Day was organized in a co-operation between NIX.CZ and The Czech Republic was represented by the following speakers: Martin Semrád and Adam Golecký from NIX.CZ, Andrea Kropáčová from the National Security team CSIRT.CZ, members of the FENIX project - Tomáš Hala (ACTIVE 24), Tomas Košnar (CESNET) and Vlastimil Pečinka ( Their presentations as well as those of other presenters are available in PDF on the conference website:

DNS:NET 10G port upgrade

Berlin based BCIX founding member DNS:NET just upgraded their connection at BCIX to 10Gbps, today.

New peer: Kaia Global Networks Ltd. (AS251) – 10GE [DUS]

Telefonica 30G port upgrade

Telefonica just upgraded their AS13184 connection at BCIX to 30Gbps.

MSK-IX holds first seminar in Samara to celebrate 20th anniversary

On March 24, МSК-IX held the first seminar to celebrate its 20th anniversary. It was held at Samara's Holiday Inn, and brought together customers and partners from around the region.

New peer: Global IT Services PSF (AS198290) – 1GE [DUS, FRA]

Five networks went operational at DE-CIX New York this week

After two networks went online on Monday and Thursday, three more networks went operational today,...

Upgrade: Telefónica Germany (AS6805) – 40GE [DUS]

Upgrade: E-Plus Mobilfunk GmbH & Co. KG (AS12638) – 50GE [FRA]

Rezopole partenaire du SIdO 2015

Rezopole est partenaire de la première édition du SIdO - le Salon de l'Internet des Objets - qui se tiendra les mardi 7 & mercredi 8 avril 2015 à la Cité Internationale de Lyon.


Le SIdo est un rendez-vous professionnel national où startups, industriels, offreurs de technologies, acteurs du numériques, laboratoires de recherche, investisseurs, designers, entrepreneurs, collectivités et médias se retrouvent pour explorer et faire de l’internet des Objets, la nouvelle économie.


En partenariat avec Embedded France, Minalogic, Imaginove, Cap Tronic, ENE, Cluster Edit, I-Care, Ploss RA, Thésame, Transition Numérique +, Rezopole, SIdO est la plateforme de rencontres professionnelles pour tous les acteurs privés / publics impliqués dans le développement de l'IdO en France et en Europe.


Résolument pragmatique et fédérateur de tout l’éco-système de l’IdO, SIdO favorise la coopération de tous les acteurs et la co-construction d’une offre industrielle innovante et compétitive.


En savoir plus...


TrustCor Systems, First AMS-IX Caribbean Customer of 2015

TrustCor Systems S. de R.L., a provider of state-of-the-art privacy enhancing products and services for businesses and individuals, is the first customer in 2015 to connect to AMS-IX Caribbean in Curaçao. By connecting to this Internet exchange, TrustCor is able to reduce upstream connectivity costs and improve global efficiencies, fault-tolerance and quality of service.

The infrastructure of AMS-IX Caribbean allows customers to interconnect and exchange IP traffic, better known as peering, directly with all other AMS-IX Caribbean customers. This reduces the need to send traffic through a commercial transit provider. With many major global IP networks and other Internet players peering in AMS-IX Caribbean, a connection allows for easy and relatively inexpensive connectivity through BGP peering.

“Taking advantage of multiple international fiber routes is part of TrustCor’s long-term strategy to make eavesdropping on communications significantly more difficult for those intent on violating the privacy of our customers,” said Wylie Swanson, TrustCor’s Chief Technology Officer. “Increasing the diversity of our Internet access gives worldwide communication companies, and our customers, more options to reach our services through many different paths. By peering at AMS-IX Caribbean, TrustCor is taking another step towards protecting the privacy of our international customers.”

AMS-IX Caribbean saw considerable growth during the previous 15 months. The peak traffic number increased by 76% from 3.8 Gb/s at the end of 2013 to 6.7 Gb/s in March 2015. Currently, 13 customers are connected to AMS-IX Caribbean.

DE-CIX welcomes eight new customers in Frankfurt

We would like to welcome our latest customers: ComHem AB from Stockholm, Sweden, as39651...

13.03.2015 – Google upgraded at 4*10GE ports

Speed: 40Gbps | AS: 15169 | IP(v4):; | IP(v6): 2001:7f8:58::3b41:0:1; 2001:7f8:58::3b41:0:2 |

DE-CIX New York Successfully Completes OPEN-IX® Internet Exchange Certification Process

DE-CIX New York has successfully completed the process of OPEN-IX certification. The DE-CIX New...