Euro-IX's Response to the EU Consultation on the future of the electronic communications sector & its infrastructure

We responded to section 4 of the survey "The fair contribution by all digital players, read the document to see our response".

Euro-IX receives a response from the EU on the SPNP "fair share" debate (2023)

Euro-IX receives a response from EVP Vestager and Commissioner Breton on the letter sent in January regarding the SPNP fair share debate and the impact on IXPs. Read the full response for more details.


Euro-IX writes a letter to EU on the SPNP "fair share" debate (2023)

As the European Association for Internet Exchange Points (IXPs), where the IXPs primary business is to interconnect networks, we wanted to share our concerns on this ongoing discussion. Please read the letter for full details. 


IGF Best Practices - IXPs (2015)

Euro-IX's Regulatory officer Malcolm Hutty was part a the IGF team leading the effort to draft a document to help explain IXP Best Practices.

IX-F Submission to ITU Consultation

In August 2015, the IX-F responded to the ITU's request on Best Practises for IXPs.