IX Talks

IX Talks is a podcast produced by Euro-IX and AMS-IX. The podcast arises from the collaboration on the Panel Series "Is the Internet Broken". The episodes will revisit some of the guest panelists from the series and also interview industry professionals on matters of the Internet.


Series 1: Episode 2

In the second edition of the podcast, we celebrate the third year anniversary of the IX-API, and interview the three IXPs who started it; Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) and London Internet Exchange (LINX). 


Listen to the podcast to learn about the story and the people behind the IX-API; with Steven Bakker of AMS-IX, Richard Petrie of LINX and Marcos Sanz of DE-CIX. 

Series 1: Episode 1

In the inaugural episode, we talk to Kyle Spencer who is the Chairman and Executive Director of the Uganda Internet eXchange Point (UIXP), and Co-Coordinator of the African IXP Association (Af-IX).


We address the state of play in Uganda; how the Internet has progressed in the country, regional progress and collaboration with other Industry organisations, and the recent expansion of UIXP.




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