A quick guide to getting around

We're really happy to launch our new website after listening to your feedback from the membership survey and forums we hope you find the new site faster, easier to find what you're looking for and mobile friendly! 


So what's different?

It works seemlessly on all devices, including the forum pages and IXPDB!

We have breadcrumbs, you can now easily see where you are, how you got there and how to navigate back! Improving navigation has come up a number of times, we hope you find it easier to find your way around.

You can Login via the header menu on the home page using the 'Login' button, account holders will notice the old left hand menu has gone,  you can now navigate via the main menu.

Looking for an IXP? All data on IXPs is now available via the IXPDB only. Select the Provider and you can search for the IXP you're looking for. Note: currenly you can only search via the long name, short name, city, country, continent are on the way! 

Try out our new 'compare' option in the IXPDB to compare useful information about IXPs.

Put in an ASN in the IXPDB Participant search box and see where that ASN is peering!

The About section contains information about Euro-IX, what we do, our Governance, General Meeting detail and a list of Members and Patrons.

The For IXPs section has information for IXPs, how to set up an IXP, the IXP Switch wishlist and details on how to join Euro-IX.

The For Networks section has useful information if you're a network looking to join an IXP and need some configuration examples, which will be updated soon.

Support IXPs has information about how you can get involved and support IXPs, see details of our support programmes and testimonials there.

Under Events you'll find everything you want to know about Euro-IX forums, previous fora, Host guides if you're interested in hosting a fora in the future, presentation guidelines and the Programme Committee. Please note, not all past fora videos are available yet, only the 30th, the rest are all coming soon!

Under Communications, you'll find all the different ways we communicate with the membership, Newsletters, Mailing Lists, Presentations and Reports. Check out our Member News and see what our members have been upto!

The IXPDB is available via the Euro-IX website. Here you can find detailed information about Providers (IXPs), Participants and Switches, Optics and Route Servers if you're a member. 

Get involved and submit a presentation proposal for the next fora, you can now do that directly from the forum page, via the 'proposals' tab. Proposal submitters can now see the status of their proposal and presenters can update and upload their presentation directly to the agenda pages.

If you're looking for some Regulatory work we've been in involved with have a look at our Regulatory pages under Communications, Activities.

Lastly, there is no search.. yet! This along with other features will be coming soon.


We welcome feedback, drop us an email