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Kurt Erik Lindqvist - Euro-IX Board Chair (LINX) - 2001 - present

Kurt Erik has a broad background in engineering and business development of ISP and worldwide carrier networks. He has spent the past 20 years working actively in the Internet community in several varied roles. In 2002 he became CEO of Netnod and has continued with his diverse commitments to the Internet community in addition to this role. Kurt Erik has played an important part in Netnod’s growth and has overseen the company develop from a small IXP hosting local networks to an International Internet infrastructure organisation with over 100 IXP customers and over 50 DNSNODE locations worldwide, until his departure in 2015. Kurt Erik is a dedicated WG Chair for RIPE where he has served as NCC-Services WG Chair since 2004. He has also been the chairman of Euro-IX since 2003. He is a regular and appreciated speaker at several International Internet conferences such as RIPE, APRICOT and Nanog. Previously Kurt Erik has chaired the Multi6, shim6 and v6ops WGs in the IETF. He is also the co-author of two RFCs. Kurt Erik has served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board between 2005-2009. Over the years Kurt Erik has participated actively in the development, standardisation and deployment of IPv6 in the IETF and various other operational forums. In addition Kurt Erik served as an adviser to the Swedish Minister of Information Technology and Energy cooperating with Anna-Karin Hatt and the Swedish Minister of foreign affairs, Carl Bildt. Between 2006 and 2008 Kurt Erik also served on the Expert Panel of Data retention directive for Ministry of Justice.


Kjetil Otter Olsen - Euro-IX Board Treasurer (NIX) - 2016 - present

Kjetil Otter Olsen holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Oslo. During his studies he started to work with IT at the university and worked part-time with teaching, networks and PCs. After his studies he started working full time for the university IT-department (USIT) with telefony and networks, including work with NIX, UNINETT and NORDUnet. From 1996 Kjetil took over the responsibility for the network-department, and also NIX. From 1991 to 1995 he was also a co-founder and part-time employee of Oslonett, the first Norwegian ISP for private customers. Today Kjetil is Assistant IT-Director at University of Oslo with the overall responsibility for all IT-operations at the university, including NIX.


Harald Michl - Euro-IX Board Secretary (VIX) - 2013 - present

Harald Michl holds a degree in Information Technology and joined Vienna University Computer Centre (VUCC) in 1998. Harald works as team leader in the department responsible for running the Austrian Academic Computer Network “ACOnet” and Vienna Internet eXchange “VIX” – the biggest IXP in Austria with three locations in Vienna and more than 120 autonomous systems connected. He really enjoys the neutral University environment, which is a very stable basis for maintaining open-minded exchange of information and knowledge within and between the academic and the ISP networking community. Harald is member of the board of Euro-IX since 2013 and chairman of the Austrian Academic Networkers group since 2014.


Ondrej Filip (NIX.CZ) - 2004 - 2006; 2008 - present

Ondrej graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague, majoring in Computer Science, and the University of Pittsburgh - Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business (MBA). During his studies at Charles University, he began working at IPEX Inc., where he later worked as a technical director and board member. Since December 2004 Ondrej has been executive director of the association. Besides the performance of his duties in the CZ.NIC he is also active on the boards of the Association NIX.CZ (Neutral Internet Exchange), Euro-IX (European Internet Exchange Association), and DNS OARC (The Domain Name System Analysis and Operations Research Center), of which he is chairman. In the past, Andrew served as an active board member of ccNSO (Country Code Names Supporting Organisation) within ICANN (ICANN); He currently sits in a significant and prestigious Advisory Committee on Safety and Stability (SSAC). Ondrej Filip also worked in the Multistakeholder Advisory Group, an advisory body to the UN Secretary General for Internet Governance Forum. In his spare time he enjoys playing basketball or programs opensource software. Ondrej speaks fluent English, he also speaks German.


Eileen Gallagher (INEX) - 2018 - present

Eileen oversees the membership and community development at INEX, the internet peering point for the island of Ireland. Having joined INEX in 2005, Eileen works with members, the broader internet community in Ireland and the relevant Government departments to highlight INEX's role in the Irish and international internet landscape and the benefits of peering. 

She initiated and leads the quarterly INEX meetings, bringing national and international speakers on internet and technology related topics to Dublin. Eileen has also been instrumental in hosting and supporting a number of international industry meetings in Ireland including Euro-IX in Dublin and Galway, RIPE, ICANN and the European Peering Forum.
Eileen joined INEX when there were 18 members and has been part of the team building it, with effective outreach work and the development of the IXP Manager platform, to become one of the most widely known and respected IXPs in the world with over 130 members currently. The INEX developed IXP Manager platform is now enabling over 60 IXPs around the world. 
Prior to returning to Ireland and joining INEX, Eileen worked as a director in the technology public relations industry in London, where she lived for 12 years.


Andy Davidson  (Asteroid/ IX-Leeds) - 2013 - present

Andy Davidson is a Director at two Internet Exchange points in the UK (Asteroid – since 2017 and IXLeeds, which he co-founded in 2010). Previously, Andy was a Director at LONAP from 2007 - 2017. He is also a member of NapAfrica’s IX advisory council in South Africa. He’s happy to say all of these organisations are Euro-IX members!  Andy has delivered IX operator training courses across Africa, Asia and the Middle East, and supported many peering education/advocacy events all over the world.  Andy served on the Programme Committee for UKNOF (a Network Operator education forum in the UK) between 2007 and  summer 2013, and was Co-chair of RIPE’s Internet Exchange working group between 2009 and September 2013. He has helped to deliver a number of successful Euro-IX initiatives including the project to measure the capabilities of route-server daemons and improve the stability of route-servers at exchange points.


Serge Radovcic - Vice Chair (RIPE NCC) - 2017 - present

For the past 17 years, I have been working for the benefit of the Internet community in Europe and beyond, with particular emphasis on developing the IXP community in Europe. Originally from Australia, with a French mother and Croatian father, I followed my roots back to Europe where I entered the IXP industry in late 2000, working as a Project Manager for AMS-IX. It was here that I gained my first insights into the challenges and issues faced by IXPs. It was shortly after this point that the concept of having an association for European IXPs was born, and Euro-IX was established in 2001. I was the first employee at Euro-IX and helped to build it from an idea to a reality with more than 50 participating IXPs from around the globe. After being Secretary General at Euro-IX for a little over 10 years, I moved to the RIPE NCC in 2011 where I was appointed to the RIR's Senior Management Team as the Chief Communications Officer. I still hold that position, overseeing the entire communications strategy for our almost 17,000-member association. 


Euro-IX Executive Board Alumni