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As Euro-IX has explicit expenses in paying for an office, employees, web site, Euro-IX Forums, member representation at events and the implementing of projects aimed at improving the IXP community, there is an obvious need to meet these costs. Thus it is necessary for Euro-IX to charge its members an annual fee of 4,000 euro for full membership, 3,000 euro for associate membership and 1,000 euro for remote associate membership.

In certain situations potential qualifying members may not have the ability to pay these fees. On Executive board approval, an applicant may be granted exemption for the first year membership fee, and will then be required to pay appropriate membership fee per annum thereafter.

There are no simple rules to this first year free subsidy. Each application will be reviewed on a case by case basis with many factors being taken into account. It may also be the case that an applicant only receives part of the first year free i.e. three or six months once again depending on the financial circumstances of the individual applicant.