Euro-IX Patrons

Patron's benefits at a glance

Euro-IX and its IXP membership clearly see the value and benefits of having industry related experts joining in discussions at all levels of Euro-IX communications. The benefits outlined below are directed more towards the patrons with the understanding that one of the Patron's main aims is to make strong contacts, attain real leads and naturally make sales.

The Euro-IX Patronage proposal helps organisations realise this aim by providing the following benefits:

  • An increased presence in the IXP community via interaction at biannual Euro- IX Forums where more than 40 IXPs from Europe, Egypt, India, Japan and the United States are strongly represented. There are numerous opportunities for Patron representatives to get to know IXPs on a one to one level and in turn provide the Patrons with a higher awareness of the IXPs needs of today and the future.
  • At first glance it may seem that only a handful of the largest IXPs will produce any sort of sales to vendors, however a few points should be kept in mind:
    • Many of the IXPs support organisations are Universities, Local Government departments and other much larger networks.
    • IXPs that might be considered small or medium sized today are likely to become very large tomorrow.
    • The customers (mainly ISPs) who are connected to the IXPs now exceed 3,500 across the IXP membership and these connected parties are some of the largest networks in the world. The contacts achieved at Euro-IX may provide a communication channel to these ISPs.
  • The Patronage proposal allows organisations to stay in touch with the IXPs that are evolving at a rapid rate and allows them to have two way input as to how these issues of dramatic traffic growth will be overcome.
  • Having IXPs use particular vendor products/services in their infrastructure is a potentially strong marketing tool when selling to other markets.
  • This is a year long contract giving Patrons access to two Euro-IX Forums and reaches much further than just the European region.