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European Internet Exchange Association

About Euro-IX

The European Internet Exchange Association (Euro-IX) gathers  84 IXPs around the world. It was formed in May 2001 with the intention to develop, strengthen and improve the Internet Exchange Point (IXP) community. A number of IXPs recognised a need to combine their resources in order to coordinate technical standards, develop common procedures, share and publish statistics and other useful information. This would in turn give all interested parties a better insight into the world of IXPs.


Mission Statement

As an association of Internet Exchanges, we promote an open interchange of ideas and experiences by offering fora, meetings, mailing lists and online resources. We also gather information on regulatory issues affecting member IXPs within the Euro-IX region and where appropriate from other jurisdictions. Even though our Fora are held within the Euro-IX region, IXPs from other regions (APIX, Af-IX, LAC-IX & North America) are welcome to join our membership and attend our meetings so that they can contribute and benefit from our shared expertise and experiences. 


Euro-IX for the IXPs

We aim to increase the presence and visibility of European IXPs, helping them grow their customer/membership base (giving their member ISPs a larger number of potential peering partners) by:

  • Providing all the necessary information for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the world looking to connect to a European IXP.
  • Representing neutrally the member IXPs at industry events around the world.
  • Allowing IXPs to share their knowledge with each other via meetings, mailing lists and restricted web pages


Euro-IX for the ISPs

With the increasing amount of IXPs located around Europe, we want to provide guidance to ISPs and help them work out which location or which IXP is best suited to their individual needs. Our IXP database and tools, including a Service Matrix, are therefore publically available.


Euro-IX for the General IP Community

With 83 member IXPs and their 7,000 connected customers, Euro-IX represents a large part of the European IP community and thus arouses the interest of politicians, regulators, vendors and other industry related sectors. Euro-IX is an ideal customer specific marketplace for equipment vendors who can join the association as Patron. This gives vendors the opportunity to strenghten their relationships with IXPs, exchange ideas and in turn develop equipment and services.


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